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Electronic Communications Degree - Career path

  1. Mar 27, 2014 #1
    Hi guys,

    I'm currently studying Beng Electronic communications engineering. I'd like to know more about the careers of electronic communications engineers. What typical job would I expect to get? The problem is that I really enjoy electronics but have no idea what I'll be doing at a professional level. I'd like to think I'll be designing and prototyping electronic circuits and testing them to ensure quality.

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    First, you don't go to school specifically so that you can pour knowledge in to your head and graduate immediately to a job designing telecommunications products. The path toward that direction starts with a degree in Electrical Engineering. You may want to continue with a Master's degree. Next you'll need work experience as an intern. Lots of experience. You'll need to find an employer and you'll need to learn from mentors. Eventually, after years of effort you can do what you describe.

    You can short circuit a bit of that by investigating hobbies such as amateur radio. Getting a radio license and building radios can tell you a lot about what the field might be like. You may enjoy it, but you might also discover that it's not for you.
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