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Homework Help: Electrophilic/Nucleophilic aromatic substitutions

  1. Aug 30, 2007 #1

    I thought I understood how to answer the questions (posted below, please follow the links) but apparently my reasoning is flawed.
    Any help is appreciated!

    Here is how I answered this question: I looked at all the substituents, and decided whether they were conducive to an electrophilic aromatic subst. reaction. For example, NO2 is really not appropriate, while NH2 is etc. Following this, I found that -OH was a very good choice, and MeO was not bad either and so I picked this molecule. It turned out to be correct.
    I did the same for the 2nd question, but inverting the principles since it is a nucleophilic substitution. I correctly chose the last choice.

    However, this reasoning did not work for this problem:
    I thought in the 1st question, the 3rd choice would be more appropriate because of the alkyl group. Why isn't this correct?
    I didn't get the 2nd question right either.

    Thanks for your help!
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