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Schools Embry-riddle aeronautical university

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    i think i am going to go to embry-riddle arenautical university in the fall for space physics. it costs 37,000 a year. to anyone who is affiliated or aquainted with that university...is it worth it?
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    I don't know much about Embry-Riddle. I've lived in Florida for the past 4 years and I didn't even know they had a space physics program. It's the opinion of some of my professors that the only colleges in Florida that have worthwhile space programs are my alma mater (Florida Tech) and University of Florida. Best of luck with your choices!
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    I live in the area south of Embry Riddle (south of Daytona Beach). Everything I have heard about their school is negative. The cost is simply not worth it for a university like that. If I were you, I'd take a look at University of Florida, which is (from what I've heard and seen) a good school (although I am unaware if they offer a space physics degree, I'm sure you'd just major in Physics.)

    Basically, from what I hear, avoid Embry Riddle.
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    I went there in my freshman year. I am currently a junoir at UMBC now. Many people I knew transfered out when I did which fueled my decision even more to leave. In order to go to ERAU you have to have a certain personality, it turned out I didnt have it. The reason I actually left was do to the lack luster physics department, they didnt care about you there at all, this was particularly bad for me being a Engineering Physics major. They treated you like you where going to a State school and at 37,000 a year that just shouldnt be. Although it wasnt all bad, I really liked the Math department, they were Very helpful and concerned about you learning. Sometimes I regret leaving, I had alot of friends there but I think it was for the best in the end.

    I'll be more than happy to answer any more specific questions if you have them.
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    from my dealings with embry-riddle, they seem to be always willing to work with me and to help me.

    on the other hand, i have delt with FSU and it takes weeks for them to respond to me. i get a do or die feeling from them.

    physics is going to be hard and i dont want to be in a class of 500 people where they try to eliminate students as i heard goes on at uf and fsu. i feel more comfertable going to embry-riddle becuase there are only 20 people in my major. the school will want us to succede inorder to boost their own rep.

    the other reason why i picked embry-riddle is because they seem to go beyond the classroom more than a state school with undergrad research projects and other things. also i knew some people that went there and they got very well paying jobs without a probelm and they paid off their loans in a few years.

    is this a bad choice?
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    Well, what are your choices of schools that you can attend for the fall semester (this year?)? I know that your enrollment deposits were due a long time ago for UF and FSU, so unless you have paid the fee for all of them you wouldn't even have the option right? If you have the money to attend Embry Riddle and thats what you want to do, go for it. You can always transfer out if you find that its not for you.
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    If you're looking for a small school in Florida with a good physics/space program, I would highly recommend Florida Institute of Technology. Class size is now capped at 50, and usually it's much smaller than that (~ 20). Professors are very friendly and willing to help. They also have a very strong emphasis on undergraduate research and actually require it of all undergrads. It's also cheaper than Embry-Riddle (although a lot more expensive then a state school) with a better reputation.
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    I'll second The Florida Tech idea. Excellent school.
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    i do have a deposit at fsu....i did concider florida tech but never applied

    i dont see whats so wrong with embry-riddle
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    Well it is does have good reputation. But unfortunalty I feel they treat you no better there than a State school. In my Freshman year Physics class which was for EP majors only at the time, only about 7 peolpe passed the class out ~30-40 students. So dont go there thinking their going to help you all that much. They did'nt do anything to help our failing class.
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    There's nothing wrong with state schools, even if EP somehow feels slighted by them. Some of the best universities in the world are state schools, so I fail to understand how being like a state school somehow implies contempt.

    My only suggestion is to avoid FSU like the plague for anything technical. Their engineering department is shared with FAMU, its campus is separate from FSU proper, and the entire melange totally, completely stinks. I attended FSU for one semester before realizing it would take more than a full scholarship to satisfy me, and transferred to Virginia Tech -- a state school with one of the best engineering programs in the country. I never looked back.

    UF is also definitely an excellent school. I don't know much about Florida Tech, but it doesn't have much name recognition -- at least among the engineering community -- and might not give you quite as much a head start as a more recognizable school like UF.

    - Warren
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    late answer but

    I graduated from ERAU in '85 with a BS in aircraft mtc and avionics.

    It is a great school and, like others, very competitive. The teaching staff is mostly made up of former industry and military people. ERAU is well connected with NASA, the military and its contractors which makes it easier to intern.

    The learning atmosphere was also great but looking back, if I had to choose colleges again, I would have to think twice. Outside aviation/aerospace, ERAU has little name recognition.

    For 37grand/ year, (it was only 3Grand when I went) I would want my alma mater to have name recognition. I often get "Embry What?".
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    I go to a state Chroot! I was just saying that at private schools you expect extra from your teachers outside of the class room. I never got that at ERAU! State schools are great for research but the personal attention is not there. Except at maybe the rare small state state school. State schools just dont have the means to give lower level physics students the attention some may need. I like UMBC but help is hard to find.
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    I have went to both ERAU and NCSU. I have found in both cases that the faculty will help if you ask for help. They are there to teach but not all students are there to learn. They will focus on those who want to learn and the only way they tell who wants to learn is by watching who puts forth the effort.

    But again, sometimes you will still fail after putting forth the effort. Drop the course, take over again, or change major.
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    What do you mean by, 'attention some may need?'

    Don't they have office hours?
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    Maybe you've never been to a private school but they usually go beyond offices hours of a state school. My professors here only have 3 a week which rather low for the size of some of these classes
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    Not really. I mean, sometimes you can knock and they will answer, but they wont help you if there busy (outside of their normal office hours). 3 a week is more than at my school, which is one day per week. Also, he can't hold your hand and walk you through the material durinig office hours. He's only there to help you on one or two things if your suck. You are expected to think it through on your own after he hints the answer to you. :smile:
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