1. M

    Calculating the cl_max of a wing from airfoil characteristics

    Hi, is there an appropriate method to get the maximum lift coefficient (cl_max) of a wing from the polars of the section airfoils? The background is that I cut a arbitrary wing into a certain number of sections. After that I use Xfoil to compute the local cl_max. Since this approach neglects...
  2. R

    Could you create a battery powered plane?

    After watching a video on YouTube, I recently became interested in the dynamics and physic's of why we aren't using electrical powered planes instead of burning thousands of fossil fuels every day. After doing a bit of my own research, I found the problem. When we increase the weight, we have to...
  3. S

    How to work out the area of an elliptical wing?

    I am planning to measure the wing area of a Spitfire aircraft. I am going to use double integral formula, but firstly I need to derive the continuous function for the region of interest. Also, How to do that? I searched the entire internet and only found out the wing span of that aircraft, cant...
  4. tanmay

    What are skills needed to get good job in aeronautical engineering?

    Sir I have completed my 12th I have joined Btech course in Aeronautical engineering. My Course is starting on next month. So Sir I want to which skills are required to get highest paying job in reputed companies as aeronautical engineer, So I can develop this skills in my course.
  5. tanmay

    Engineering What is salary of an aeronautical engineer?

    Sir It is my dream to become aeronautical engineer. So I want to know what is Minimum & Maximum Salary of aeronautical engineer in India & Out of India? Is Aeronautical engineering has really good scope in future?
  6. M

    Stuck Between Aerospace engineering and Computer Engineering

    Hello, I am stuck between two majors to study in college, Computer Engineering and Aerospace Engineering. About me: I am going to be a senior next year and I am going to be taking high level ap calculus and ap physics. I am a very creative person and am very good at the arts and industrial...
  7. Mdmhk

    Engineering Topics to revise for Aeronautical Engineering

    Hello I m starting college after 2 months for bsc in aeronautical engineering.i have completed A-level 3 years ago,now i m revising maths and physics for O and A-level.i m facing problems in some topics.Tell me mathematics and physics topics which are helpful for aeronautical engg.(e.g...
  8. C

    Engineering Career within Engineering Analysing

    I've recently graduated from studying Aeronautical Engineering and been offered a great graduate scheme for a large transport management company as an Analyst Engineer which I'm chuffed about. My question is however, what sort of prospects can this offer me in the long run? And what other...
  9. R

    Imperial or U of T for Aerospace Engineering Studies?

    Hi guys. I am doing my final A level exams (UK system) this May and I plan to study aerospace engineering. I am mostly interested in the astronautical side of aerospace. I would like to work later in life in the US. However I did not apply to the US for undergraduate studies. Currently my...
  10. WhatmoughG

    Camera Kite

    Hey, I am embarking on a drive to the arctic circle. I have spent a bit of time googling looking for a kite to pull behind my truck to film the adventure and can't find much useful information. Is there anyone that could design or point me in the direction of a place to design a decent kite to...
  11. Freddy Diaz

    V-Tail and Aileron-Less Design

    Hi Physics Community, I'm working on the design of an aileron less and tail engine small UAV (Wing span 800mm) but I got stuck in Stability and Control. I recall from a teacher that a V-tail design is good for those configurations. However, I cannot find references to calculate/estimate neither...