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B Emergent Gravity and the Dark Universe

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    I am not sure about how micro and macro spaces communicate information, but this paper seems to need it for gravity to emerge. The paper is far to advanced for me to understand completely


    It also seems that in this paper that gravity and space time emerged, Emerged from what? was the information
    pre coded like DNA, I am confused.

    It seems like all these bits of information were pre ordained to make a universe.
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    Searching for 'Verlinde' in PF gives seven pages of results.
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    Thank you BvU, but the only information i can glean is as my OP.
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    If it is observed that a state 'A' can eventually lead to a state 'B', that is simply an observation of what in fact happens.
    That doesn't carry any implication that state 'A' must have been purposefully configured so that state 'B' will eventually emerge.

    If we are dealing not with observations but predictions from models the same applies, although models are not definitive facts.
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    A thread by the same title as this thread was started back in Nov 2016 in the BTSM forum.
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