What is Emergent: Definition and 72 Discussions

An emergent algorithm is an algorithm that exhibits emergent behavior. In essence an emergent algorithm implements a set of simple building block behaviors that when combined exhibit more complex behaviors. One example of this is the implementation of fuzzy motion controllers used to adapt robot movement in response to environmental obstacles.An emergent algorithm has the following characteristics:
it achieves predictable global effects
it does not require global visibility
it does not assume any kind of centralized control
it is self-stabilizingOther examples of emergent algorithms and models include cellular automata, artificial neural networks and swarm intelligence systems (ant colony optimization, bees algorithm, etc.).

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  1. E

    A Dimensions: Emergent from the Big Bang?

    If we accept the concept that the universe began as a zero-dimensional point, wouldn't that imply that our 3+1 dimensions, or 9+1 / 10+1 dimensions of string theory, emerged at the moment of the Big Bang or some presumably Planck-order time after? Are there any theories on this?
  2. H

    A A question about emergent gravity

    Hi Pf I am reading the origin of gravity written by Erik Verlinde I have the same problem with a paper written by Jacobson on the same subject. They want to deduce gravity from the holographic principle and thermodynamics. I suppose that they cannot talk about geodesic at the beginning. the...
  3. S

    I Physicists who propose that symmetries are emergent?

    I know of some physicists (e.g Holger B Nielsen, Grigory Volovik or Edward Witten) who have proposed that all symmetries (Local gauge symmetries associated with forces and dynamics and global symmetries associated with conservation laws) are emergent rather than fundamental. Are there any other...
  4. S

    Finding a Mistake in My Sketch: Can I Get Emergent Beam Perpendicular to AB?

    This is my sketch: I think the only possible way to get emergent beam perpendicular to AB is when the incoming ray is refracted towards side AC then total internal reflection occurs as shown in my sketch. Angle QAR = 60o and angle ARQ = 90o so angle AQR = 30o It means angle CQP is also 30o...
  5. wolram

    B How does emergent spacetime work?

    How can space time emerge from nothing, I mean nothing in the absolute case is voide of any thing, I can imagine the BB where there is a primordial plasma the expands and creates the matter and space, but space time from nothing is beyond me, me being stupid and uneducated.
  6. nomadreid

    I Emergent space-time from what?

    Googling "emergent spacetime" I get lots of articles which offer various conjectures about what that may be; an overview for example is given in http://guava.physics.uiuc.edu/~nigel/courses/569/Essays_Spring2018/Files/gupta.pdf. However, although I understand that emergent spacetime is not yet a...
  7. wolram

    B Is Gravity Emergent? Answers to Pre-Big Bang Questions

    I thing by my logic that gravity must have been at the pre bang stage, but then what did came first gravity or mass?
  8. L

    I "Knowledge" in Psi-Epistemic Interpretation Fundamental or Emergent?

    Is "Knowledge" in quantum Psi-Epistemic interpretation fundamental or emergent? And what does it mean? What do you think? https://backreaction.blogspot.com/2019/08/the-problem-with-quantum-measurements.html "One way to deal with the measurement problem is to argue that the wave-function does...
  9. S

    I Is spacetime emergent - and in which theories?

    Some physicists, like Nima, Ed. Witten, Gross, and others have said/suggested that space-time is doomed, or emergent from something more fundamental. What ideas would replace space-time? Something similar to a perfect material? A fluid? Geometry? Quantum field theory of some sort? Entanglement...
  10. M

    I Spacetime as emergent quantum phenomenon

    Published in the peer reviewed Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics is the intriguing paper with the following abstract: https://file.scirp.org/Html/11-1721242_88041.htm "Entanglement and the tunnel effect phenomena have been repeatedly observed and are generically accepted under...
  11. Buckethead

    B Justification for emergent anything

    Maybe not today, but eventually physics will have to come face to face with the hard question of consciousness. Currently, the prevailing idea is that given enough complexity, an AI machine will attain consciousness. Popular speakers such as Daniel Dennett firmly believe that consciousness is...
  12. TheQuestionGuy14

    B Time emergent from entanglement

    [Moderator's note: Spin off from a previous thread since this topic belongs in the QM forum.] https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/423835/is-time-emergent-from-quantum-entanglement It is the first answer.
  13. T

    Emergent Property: Usefulness in Physics

    Is the notion of emergent property one that is useful within physics proper?
  14. wolram

    B Gravity Emergent: Matter or Big Bang?

    To my way of thinking gravity must have been there at a very early stage for black holes to form, The thing is I can not find a definitive answer to my question. If gravity is a distortion of space time then matter must have come first, or were the distortions of space time a relic from the big...
  15. S

    Emergent light produced by two lenses

    Homework Statement Two thin lenses are placed 5 cm apart along the same axis and illuminated with a beam of light parallel to that axis, The first lens in the path of the beam is a converging lens of focal length 10 cm whereas the second is a diverging lens of focal length 5 cm. If the second...
  16. M

    I Exploring Emergence: Examples, Theory, and Experiments for a School Project

    For a school project, I've got to choose a subject. I chose "Emergence", but I have to narrow it down a little bit. So, that's why I'm creating this topic. The definition of emergence that I use: By emergence, I mean the fact that proprieties of one scale implies other proprieties by changing...
  17. ohwilleke

    I Is Gravity Dynamically Emergent From Wave Function Collapse?

    A clever new paper explores the notion that the reduced Planck's constant in the quantum analogy to Newton's constant for macroscopic quantities though a hybrid quantity that generalized the Compton wavelength and the Schwarzschild radius. This allows for a linkage between the Einstein equations...
  18. ohwilleke

    I Verlinde's Emergent Gravity Doesn't Work

    Verlinde sought to reproduce the successes of other modified gravity theories in a variant of his entropy based gravity theories called "emergent gravity". Unfortunately, it doesn't reproduce the observed data. Federico Lelli, Stacy S. McGaugh, and James M. Schombert "Testing Verlinde's...
  19. G

    I Are Conventional Physics Models Enough to Explain Emergent Theories in Physics?

    Let me write a brief intoduction to my question, just to clarify what I am not asking here, since it has been already discussed elsewhere. [1] intro Well, it is well known how the classical world of our experience can emerge from quantum mechanics in terms of decoherence. But it doesn't seem...
  20. wolram

    B Emergent Gravity and the Dark Universe

    I am not sure about how micro and macro spaces communicate information, but this paper seems to need it for gravity to emerge. The paper is far to advanced for me to understand completely https://arxiv.org/pdf/1611.02269v2.pdf It also seems that in this paper that gravity and space time...
  21. N

    A Emergent Gravity and the Dark Universe

    I just read about how professor Erik Verlinde saying that 'gravity is not a fundamental force of nature, but an emergent phenomenon. In the same way that temperature arises from the movement of microscopic particles, gravity emerges from the changes of fundamental bits of information, stored in...
  22. A

    Emergent Qualities Mapped to Atomic Properties

    Is there a mapping of macroscopic properties of a substance and its atomic properties? We know that colour is associated with the electron shells. What about other properties of matter like mercury liquid at room temp vs gold its neighbour on the chart a solid? Is there a mapping like...
  23. Rodrigo Cesar

    A concept of time with the future as an emergent property

    I was watching a video on youtube with a theory of time, the video explains 'Time' as a physical process supported by mathematics) I want to know what you think about this? Pseudoscience, or have any validity? "Could the future be an emergent interactive property with 'time' formed by the...
  24. L

    Can Quantum Gravity Allow Spacetime and Matter to Interchange?

    Supersymmetry interachanges bosons and fermions and can make bosons transform into fermions and vice versa... is there equivalent in quantum gravity where spacetime and matter can transform to each other and spacetime can become matter and matter can become spacetime.. isn't something akin to...
  25. P

    Are observables like position emergent properties?

    Title basically says it all. I'm a physics undergrad trying to wrap my head around quantum physics, and I was hoping people here could help. My question comes from something in one of my textbooks. It tries to explain particle-wave duality through a piece of string, which I'll quickly go over as...
  26. B

    Emergent time - emergent space?

    Hello all, In 2009, I had clumsily posed a question to these forums, regarding the objectivity of time. In 2012, I had posted a short piece of writing, clumsily suggesting that three dimensional space is an emergent property of interactions between virtual point-particles. Last year, my...
  27. zdcyclops

    Emergent coordinate systems in quantum physics

    Do unobserved particles exchange information with other particles? If not then they are not only unobserved but also un-observing, which would seem to mean that they not only do not have a well defined position but that the very concept of position does not exist for them, nor does distance or...
  28. M

    Erik Verlinde's paper on Emergent Entropy

    There is one paragraph that says: " Our starting assumption is directly motivated by Bekenstein's original thought experiment from which he obtained is famous entropy formula. He considered a particle with mass m attached to a ctitious "string" that is lowered towards a black hole. Just...
  29. L

    Emergent Properties-When is the Superposition Principle Inadequate

    So I understand the Superposition principle doesn't apply to non-linear systems. I want students to understand (in high school physics...which I will be teaching in about a year) that the superposition principle essentially says things add. So I wanted to come up with some examples when this...
  30. D

    Water has emergent properties?

    What do physicists think about water as an example of something with emergent properties? I wonder if the concept of emergent properties has become main stream in modern physics. If so, what happened to reductionism? Does this go for water?
  31. Orion1

    Emergent Entropic Thermodynamic Force

    I have just watched a video lecture from Robbert Dijkgraaf at Gresham College where he describes gravitation as an emergent entropic thermodynamic force. The video link is listed in reference and the equations are defined at time index 44:00. Emergent entropic thermodynamic force: F \Delta x =...
  32. C

    Are All Macroscopic Features of the Universe Derivable from Fundamentals?

    I sometimes hear that some aspects of the macroscopic world are emergent. That is, some people believe that certain properties and laws (for example crystal structure, superconductivity, the conservation laws, Maxwell's equations, the laws of thermodynamics, the existence of momentum) could not...
  33. marcus

    Global emergent time, how does Tomita flow work?

    Tomita time is an intrinsic observer-independent time variable available to us for fully general relativistic analysis. As far as I know it is the only such time available for things like general covariant statistical mechanics GC statistical quantum mechanics GC quantum field theory Here I...
  34. bcrowell

    Conservation of angular momentum in field theory: imposed, or emergent?

    We would like both 4-momentum and angular momentum to be conserved in a field theory such as QED. My understanding is that in the case of 4-momentum, there are two different descriptions of the same theory. (1) We can impose conservation of 4-momentum p at each vertex, which requires that...
  35. Chronos

    Emergent Gravity: Padmanabhan's Brilliant or Misguided Paper

    Padmanabhan may have published his most brilliant, or misguided paper to date - http://arxiv.org/abs/1207.0505. This idea looks pretty solid to me.
  36. F

    Can anyone describe Emergent Space

    I hesitate to even ask this question, because I feel that it is unrealistic of me to expect anyone here to take the time and effort to attempt to answer it. But my mind is so far gone at this point that I'll accept anything. But if anyone wants to try, I would appreciate it. I only have a...
  37. R

    Energy: fundamental or emergent?

    what i'd like to know is simply put this way: is energy fundamental or emergent? but more importantly, this is a fact or fiction question seeing as they (fundamental and emergent) are oposites, so can we all agree on one answer? what i mean is whatever your "opinion" at the end of the day...
  38. marcus

    Can Lorentz Symmetry be Emergent?

    http://pirsa.org/11100056/ Can Lorentz Symmetry be Emergent? Speaker(s): Ted Jacobson Abstract: I will begin by discussing some of the strongest observational evidence for Lorentz symmetry, and the essential role that Lorentz symmetry appears to play in the consistency of black hole...
  39. L

    Quantum phenomena as emergent property in networked computer simulation?

    I'm not physicist, but a software developer. Please don’t hang up.:smile: I am building massive multiplayer online game server, and I started building it from scratch. I found that some programming issues emerged from it which had striking resemblance to quantum quirkiness, so I just wanted to...
  40. atyy

    Emergent Space/Time: AdS/CFT and dS/CFT

    https://www.physicsforums.com/showpost.php?p=3263502&postcount=94 Actually, thinking even about AdS/CFT which is commonly said to be emergent space, but not emergent time, if the bulk geometry is pseudo-Riemannian, which has multiple timelike directions at each point, shouldn't time emerge too?
  41. L

    Gravity as an emergent phenomenon

    Can anybody suggest good reading material, introduction or review articles on this subject? (I read and studied Carroll GR lecture notes, so everything at this level or below would be great.) thanks
  42. baywax

    Is gravity an emergent phenomenon?

    If this has been covered or is so fundamental a question that its dumb... please excuse me...:redface:... otherwise, an answer is appreciated, thank you! Actually I just realized its probably a property if it is emergent at all. Another two properties I'd like to know about in terms of...
  43. T

    Emergent relativity from causal networks

    I came across this recently: http://arxiv.org/abs/1008.4805v1" Whilst it's mostly beyond my level, from what I can grasp the suggestion is that SR and Minkowski's spacetime can be derived simply by looking at the universe as a network of discrete causal events (a granular universe on the...
  44. C

    What are Emergent Gravity and Emergent Spacetime?

    I've recently heard for the first time about the topics of Emergent Gravity and Emergent Spacetime. But I cannot find any resource that explains these ideas in a way that lay people can understand. If you know of one, please post the link, or write an explanation in simple terms. I've...
  45. C

    Understanding Emergent Gravity & Spacetime: Resources for Laypeople

    I've recently heard for the first time about the topics of Emergent Gravity and Emergent Spacetime. But I cannot find any resource that explains these ideas in a way that lay people can understand. If you know of one, please post the link, or write an explanation in simple terms. I've read...
  46. E

    Verlinde, LQG, entropy and gravity as a fundamental force vs emergent

    Verlinde and Jacobson's early work, strongly implies that gravity is emergent. Anyhow, one of Jacobson's and Verlinde's claim in his paper is that since gravity is not a fundamental force, it does not make physical sense to quantize it canonically. So the LQG program is misguided...
  47. nomadreid

    Gravity as an emergent phenomenon

    The concepts in "On the Origin of Gravity and the Laws of Newton" by Prof. Erik Verlinde, found at http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/1001/1001.0785v1.pdf, are intriguing. There are two points which I do not understand, and would be grateful for any enlightenment. First, why is the holographic...
  48. marcus

    What is emergent ; what is fundamental ?

    What is "emergent"; what is "fundamental"? Bee Hossenfelder had an interesting discussion of the term "emergent" back in mid 2008: http://backreaction.blogspot.com/2008/04/emergence-and-reductionism.html There are apparently several ways the term is used in theoretical physics. Several...
  49. atyy

    The Emergence of Gravity: The Case for a New Theory of Spacetime Structure

    In a recent thread, marcus brought my attention to 't Hooft's Quantum gravity without space-time singularities or horizons http://arxiv.org/abs/0909.3426 . For emergent gravity, the major no-go theorem is the Weinberg-Witten theorem, which string theory gets round apparently by having space...
  50. jal

    Emergent Gravity IV - Learning & Questions

    http://www.emergentgravity.org/index.php?main=main_EGIV_about.php&banner=banner_default.php&sooter=footer_default.php&test=end%22 I will be attending with the intent of improving my learning curve. Do you have any interesting questions that I could ask on your behalf? jal