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I Emission lines and absorption lines

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    Why more emission lines than absorption lines are usually observed in the atomic spectra of most elements hence explain why this occures?
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    Hi Sweetyme123, is this a homework question?
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    Ask yourself (or find out) how an emission spectrum can be generated in a Lab. Find out how absorption spectrum can be observed or measured. Then think in practical terms.
    If you want to obtain the (line) absorption spectrum of a gas then how long a light path through a gas is needed before a significant proportion of the light is absorbed at the frequencies of interest. Where do we find large enough volumes of gas to obtain absorption spectra? Its this different for solids and liquids and in what way?
    The expression "swings and roundabouts" seems to apply here. Plenty to discuss and to read around about.
    PS There are different circumstances in astronomical spectroscopy, which make things different from how they are in a Lab.
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