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Aerospace Enabling Mechanization of a Metal Frisbee

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    I have a question regarding the common ring frisbee or regular (nonring) frisbee.
    I have been thinking of possible ways to "mechanize" the frisbee. I spoke with an engineer and he told me that of all the various possibilities that "combustion" probably has the greatest effect on the atmosphere.

    I would like to enable the frisbee to fly without spinning however that would only be possible with some sort of mechanization. Is there some sort of way to harness "flame" of combustion energy for a centrifugal spinning effect??

    A thin metal bar spinning over the top surface of a metal frisbee with combustibles over the surface of the spinning bar would have an effect on the atmosphere. Also if a central fuel chamber near the center of a metal frisbee, projecting its combustion and heat over the top surface of a metal frisbee and spinning a metal "pinwheel" with central axle at the center of a metal frisbee would also have an effect perhaps a gyroscopic effect on the atmosphere. And there could be other mechanical/combustion prototypes that may work.

    Any suggestions of other designs that may work???
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    Welcome to PF, LoupLoup.
    I must confess that your post seriously confuses me. To start with, whatever you come up with won't be a Frisbee. That's partly because Frisbee is a trademarked name for a particular line of toys. Secondly, the devices by design work through a combination of shape-induced aerodynamic lift and spin stabilization.
    Two things that I would suggest that you look into are "flying wings" and "tip jets". Both might be relevant to what you want. Good luck with it.
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