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Energy distribution of atoms in metal.

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    An ideal gas obeys Maxwell Boltzman statistics. Gas atoms
    have an average kinetic energy of 3kT/2 but the individual atoms
    have energies that vary from this average (Chi square distributed).

    A solid (metal) has an average kinetic energy of about 3kT.
    Does anybody know what statistical distribution the energy of
    individual atoms of the metal obey?
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    I would conjecture that they would also obey a distribution similar to, if not equivalent to, that of a ##\chi^2## distribution, though the formula would probably be a lot more involved.

    If you want to really know more about this kind of thing, statistical mechanics is the topic you want to look into.
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    After some scaling of the variables, the energy is a sum of six squares:
    ##E=x^2+y^2+z^2+p_x^2+p_y^2+p_z^2##, hence E has also a chisquare distribution but not with 3 but 6 degrees of freedom.
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