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Energy momentum tensor - general properties

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    It is often stated and proved in textbooks that the momentum density is also the energy flux.
    The explanation is often done using the dust model.
    However, it is possible that in a real fluid, there is heat conduction via particle collision. There is energy flux, but since no molecules are ever transported in the IRF, how come there is momentum density?
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    Energy and momentum in special relativity are related by the fact that their combination ##(E, \vec{P})## transforms as a 4-vector, via the Lorentz transform.

    This means that what appears as "just energy" in one frame of reference, appears as energy and momentum in another. A transfer of energy in one frame of reference is a transfer of energy and momentum in another frame of reference, moving relative to the first.

    This is similar to the way that time and space form a 4-vector, Time and space 'mix together" in just the same way as energy and momentum due, the mathematical formalism that describes this mixing together is the 4-vector formalism.
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