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Energy/Power content of Gasoline

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    I am trying to find how many kW in a tank of gasoline. I was wondering if someone can confirm this for me. I read in a article on a EV site that he mentioned 10,000 kW, 10 MW (for a tank of gasoline). The guy was from a national lab so I am trying to work the math out. I do not know the discharge time. Thanks

    My information/Calculations:
    Background: typical four door car, 15 gallon tank
    31.6 MJ/L
    42.7 MJ/kg
    131 MJ/US Gallon
    35.97 kWh (per gallon)
    539.55 kWh (per tank, 15 gallons)
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    I get 33.35 per gal. I converted liters directly to gallons via the 3.8L/gal
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    Thanks for the help
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