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Job Skills Energy systems engineering + business

  1. Aug 28, 2016 #1
    so I ill be going into my first year of energy systems engineering but I would really love to develop my own business surrounding things like biofuels and wind farming , i was just wondering what prospects are their to develop a business or if there are any sort of ideas around that field.
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    Good Luck! I will tag @Ivan Seeking as he has had some biofuel biz experience.
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    thanks a lot !!
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    I did an internship at a company that was developing gasifiers, they generated biogas from woodchips. My project was to design a small (50kW elec. out) organic rankine cycle system to harvest waste heat from the gasification process.
    The idea was the plant would be installed in remote area (eg sugar cane crops on south pacific islands) and use waste plant mass to produce electricity and gas for cooking, process heating (eg in the sugar cane mill evaporators), space heating, additional electricity generation etc.
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