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Automotive Engine oil flow/pressure restriction

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    Hello everyone, My first post was deleted by admin. Anyways, the question is back for those who have not read it.

    I am installing a turbo system onto a motorcycle with an oil pressure range far too low for the turbo. I have develloped a restricter that has boosted the pressures to where they need to be but I have a question.

    I have a main oil feed restrictor diameter of 5.5mm. It is feeding a 4.25mm turbo oil line as well as two other 4mm feeds. This restrictor has boosted oil pressure 500%. The 5.5mm inlet is fed from the oil pump, the 4mm outlets feed the engine, 4.25mm the turbo.

    My question is, does the main 5.5mm feed diameter effect pressure/flow for outlet feed lines in a closed system? or does it just have to be larger than the other feed diameters?
    see pic. Forgive the caveman drawing!

    http://www.suzuki-katana.com/forums/oil500.jpg [Broken]
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    160 views and no comments? I guess this is too easy for this board and you'all are board with the question. I'll wait, someone will take pitty on me.
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    Your post is too vague. A schematic would be most helpful. We don't need drawings of the physical part but something that shows where the flow goes and where the restrictions are would be helpful. I can't tell from your post exactly where the restrictors are in the system. Also, how is the system prior to modification?
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    The 280zx turbo lives with about 15psi at idle for hundreds of thousands of miles.
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    I'm not sure how a restrictor can boost pressure can you post a schematic of what you have.
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