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Engineering degree to learn about music synthesis?

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    hey everybody, im a newcomer here, just stumbled upon this forum whilst reading about different university programs. i would really appreciate any advice regarding an academic plunge into the engineering field as a means to learn more about music synthesis, particularly analog synthesizers and pedals.

    i went to university for two years working on a biochem degree but dropped out to travel and cultivate some life experience. i am 24 now and i have decided to go back and finish my biology degree with hopes of getting into med school. i will be attending Cal State in Chico next spring. i am also a musician; i would consider music my greatest passion, and there is a strong impetus for me to learn more about analog equipment and circuitry and signal paths and the like.

    so im thinking about a minor in electrical engineering. i don't know much about the field and im not clear if EE would be the best area of study for me or if there are other types of engineering programs which are better suited to my aim. any opinions or advice would be awesome!

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    If you want to learn about analog circuitry well, then studying EE would seem to be the right choice.
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    Definitely EE, specifically Signal Processing
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    ok, awesome, thanks ya'll for confirming this; i reckon it might have sounded like an obvious question but i really know next to nothing about specific fields of engineering.
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