Engineering, Math, and Getting a start on work.

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Hi, I have decided to become a Electronic or Electrical... or sometimes called Computer engineer.

am applying to a Technical College to get my first 2 years start then to transfer to a 4 year to finish it off. I have a lot of a questions and really need some help.

I just recently acquired my GED so I am very rusty with math and I'm wondering if before I start in the fall should I take some summer class's for math? And if so what type of math is used the most and should I brush up on a lot? Or should I should I go out and simply read certain books from the library to study up?

As well should i study up on any other subjects before i start my program in the fall to attain a Associates in applied science.
I would really like to make sure I am completely ready.

Ive been reading some jobs adds meant for engineers it seems most company's want someone with work experience. I live in Milwaukee, WI so I am wondering where I should go to possibly Volunteer to work around engineers while I go to school as to gain more experience so I am able to look better on a job application and even know more then just whats in the classroom. So if anyone knows how to get into that i would appreciate it because I haven't a clue.

Once I have a 2 Yr degree in Electronic Engineering, Do a lot of people get a part time - full time job using this degree as a Technician to assist Engineers while they go for the rest of there 2-4 years left?

I was also wondering about Schools reading up on it seems often times different colleges are leaning towards different types of engineering. Like Denver univ vs the other Denver U 1 is better for Civil and another better for Mining if i remember correctly. So i was wondering if anyone knew about MSOE (Milwaukee school of Engineering) in WI what types of engineering do they specialize in vs UWMilwaukee and UWmadison? The reason i ask is because it seems to me that some jobs accept you off of the school you went to unless ofcourse you have 4-12 yrs works experience then it seems they base you off of that.

Are there any other books i should check out that could educate me better on the job and anything else that would prepare me for school and work in the engineering field?

someone suggested that I skip the 2 yr technical college and go straight to a 4yr College... because in his experience he has said that often people will do what I'm doing and have to repeat a 3rd year and doing 2 + 3 instead of just 4......

While i would like to do this like I said I have just attained a GED and never have done the SAT's so not only would it be more difficult to get in a College but they usually frown on it... so i hear...

But if i attain a 2 yr, that is all that the colleges will look at and it should not matter that i never took the SAT's and i should be able to easily get into a 4 yr to become a bachelor in Science engineering

The Technical College is MATC or Milwaukee Area Technical College.... which has programs and affiliations with MSOE / UWMadison / UWMilwaukee that helps you transfer to any of those colleges and All credits.

Which is at less then half the price for the first 2 years than all the 4yrs would cost.

So I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on if that could actually happen to me that i would have to take another year or not..

I am having a really hard time figuring out why people name Electrical engineering a ton of other things. or atleast not making it very clear... as to which is which, so i was really hope someone could help me clarify so i do not make any mistakes in the courses that i take....

is a Electronic Engineer technician a 2 yr associates degree that if i were to take 2 more... id become a Electrical engineer??

or is EET a Completely different degree then a Electrical Engineer??

i wish to have a 4 yr bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering

But at MATC there is only a program called Electronic Engineering Technology which is a associate in applied science degree.

which can transfer to a 4 year college and attain a Baccalaureate degree at MSOE and continue in a customized certificate program to complete the necessary requirements for admission to an engineering technologist 4 yr program.

is there a Difference between Electrical Engineer 4 yr bachelor degree and a Engineering technologist bachelor degree

is BS-ET bachelor in Engineering Technology?

and is that the same thing as a Electrical Engineer?

Oh please if you could make my head stop hurting from the different names.. from Electronic to Computer to Electrical to yad yada :confused::cry:

I would appreciate it so much at whatever information i can get to better educate myself on all of these matters Thank you very much if you reply and read.
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You have a lot of questions there, I will address 1.

If your goal is a BSEE, OR BSCE then do not start with a AA in anything. Use the Community College to take your entry level Math, Science and common freshman requirements. Then after 2 yrs you can transfer, most if not all of the the credits to a university. There you can complete your BS in 2 or 3 yrs depending on the transfer and your abilities. If you claim a AA degree, even though the classes will count as taken, those hours cannot be used for the BS.

A EE tech degree can be a very nice degree, techs in the hi tech industry can make good money. But it is NOT on the path to a BSEE degree.
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You sure do have a lot of questions but hopefully I can be of some assistance.

Let's start at the top:

1. If you plan to pursue an engineering degree, you will want to become comfortable and confident in calculus. If you feel like you are rusty, a trigonometry course would be the first math course I would recommend. Not comfortable there, try geometry first then.

2. Other subject you may want to study would be sciences -- physics and chemistry would be the two I would highly recommend.

3. Since you live in Milwaukee and plan to go to school in Milwaukee, there should be great opportunities for you. I would suggest working with the Placement office of whatever college you decide to attend to help you get the foot in the door. This is often a free service and they have connections that you, on your own, may not have yet.

4. Sorry. I am not able to answer this one for you.

5. I can answer for what types of engineering we offer at MSOE. We have Architectural Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biomolecular Engineering, Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Software Engineering.

The best way to find out about a college is to visit and find out if it is the right fit for you. You cannot make a bad decision -- you are pursing your education. You want to find a place that will keep your interest so you complete your education.

I think the other response answered your remaining questions. Hope the information helps.
Best of luck to you.

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