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Engineering works in a company that develop robots?

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    What kind of engineering works need one company that develop very accuracy arm robots except develop engineer in mechanics or develop engineer in control and what these engineers do in these job?
    What are the knowledge, experiences, requirement that are desirable to have for purchasing engineering in a company that develop very accuracy arm robots?
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    Mechanical and electrical engineering would be primary discipline, and there would be materials and control engineers, which could be mechanical or electrical engineers.

    Here are some examples of jobs listed at IEEE - http://www.ieee-ras.org/educational-resources-outreach/careers-jobs
    There should be similar organizations or IEEE affiliates in other countries.

    From ASME - https://www.asme.org/engineering-topics/robotics
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    Astronuc - thank you for your replay
    I will glad if you can help me to understand what can be the skills, knowledge and experiences that engineer that work in quality assurance or in technical purchasing or in very accuracy manufacture and very accuracy assembly or automated software test engineer or software quality control will desire to have for a company that develop very accuracy arm robots?
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