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EngiSci Option in Aerospace at UofT?

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    I have a question regarding The Aerospace Option at UofT EngSci: Will getting this degree limit me in any way in terms of job opportunities after I graduate? Would I be better off going to Carleton or Ryerson for a full Aero program? My dilemma is that UofT is much more well-respected nationally and internationally, but only offers Aero through EngSci (2 years of general physics, chemistry, math and design courses followed by 2 years of specialization). Carleton and Ryerson have full Aero programs as I understand.

    Also, I can't seem to find any job listings for Aerospace engineers with less than 5 years of relevant work experience. How is one supposed to get relevant work experience if no one will hire you unless you have some?:confused:
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    Well what specifically is it that you want to do? Will it limit you for a job opportunity in what field of aerospace engineering?

    As for the question I could help you with: Students in engineering often find themselves good coop or internships through their schools. A friend of mine graduated from Carleton Aerospace program and he interned for Dew Engineering in Ottawa from his third year onward and he works there now as a project manager.
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    Good idea with the internships. Looks like UofT offers year-long placements with Bombardier and Pratt and Whitney. As for your first question, I meant will it hurt me in the field in general. Will a prospective employer be more likely to hire someone out of Carleton or Ryerson rather than me from UofT because they have 4 years of Aero, versus my 2? Also, if someone could elaborate on the difference between Engineering Science and ordinary Engineering? The EngSci website isn't great and doesn't really answer that question.
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    Still waiting on some input for my questions. Also, is it a better idea to get a bachelor's in mechanical then do aerospace in grad school? Will this mean I'd be more likely to find a job after school's done because I have a more general background in mechanical and then a specialization in aerospace?
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    Okay look this is what I know. U of t engsci is VERY highly respected around the world for the rigour of the program. You will be far better prepared than anybody from Carleton or Ryerson just simply due to the rigour of the program. The fact that you will have only 2 years of exposure to "aero" is virtually meaningless anyways since the majority of the aero courses at Ryerson and Carleton come in 3rd and 4th year anyways! Just because you're taking aerospace engineering right from first year does not mean you're taking all aero courses! + U of T has the best aerospace department in Canada (didn't you hear they saved Apollo 13). Just curious, did you get into engsci?

    Good Luck
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    Oh no, I'm only in tenth grade, just thinking ahead. UofT EngSci isn't accredited for Aerospace though, would that not be a problem?
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    Hey as far as I know Engi Sci is an accredited degree. Anyways if it wasn't no one would apply. Also many aerospace engineers actually have a masters degree in aerospace engineering. Because most schools only offer aerospace as a specialization in mechanical engineering so people into aero go to grad school. I don't think its possible to advance much in aero without an advanced degree, since the level of knowledge needed is quite advanced (especially the mathematical models). I myself am interested in aero so I've done quite a bit of research on it (also my dad worked in it).
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    I am certain that u of t engsci aerospace is as "accredited" a program as any. Also like iratern said it's your grad degree that is most important. Keep in mind that engsci's main focus is to prepare you for grad school given the theoretical nature of the program, so if you're goal is to ultimately go to a top notch grad school, U of T is where it's at.
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    Yes, I have heard that Engi Sci is the perfect route to grad school, especially considering that UTIAS (U of T institute for aerospace studies) is located there( Not on campus though).

    Oh by the way EngiSci-T.O are you a current student at Engi Sci if you are what has your experience been like?
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    Well actually I'm currently in grade 12, but have been accepted into the program and am planning on going there. I still haven't completely commited to it, but I'm quite confident that its my strongest option.
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    Oh cool, well then we might be classmates (I currently want to go to the math/physics speciaklist), but heck. Anyways what did you decide for res? just curious are you innis or New?
  13. Apr 29, 2010 #12
    New College was my residence of choice.
  14. Apr 29, 2010 #13
    Innis > New

  15. Apr 29, 2010 #14
    Yeah, academically I've heard that a lot but I choose New as well. It was a tough decision but New College's meal plan tipped the scale for me. (I am terribly lazy when it comes to cooking especially cleaning up!) Though I still think "what if?" sometimes.
  16. Apr 30, 2010 #15
    While it may be true that Innis is more academically focused, New is closer to Bahen and is also right beside the athletics centre. In addition like Iratern said YOU DON'T HAVE TO COOK!!!!!!
  17. Apr 30, 2010 #16
    Innis is more academically focused? Don't know about that (though most of the #1 EngSci students live at Innis... er yes. you guys are ranked)... but it's more for the social aspect. Innis is fun :)
  18. Apr 30, 2010 #17
    hmm, I guess whatever I heard could be wrong (all I know is from various forum sites that came up when I googled it). Well as long as I have fun wherever I am I'm ok
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