What is Uoft: Definition and 18 Discussions

The University of Toronto (U of T or UToronto) is a public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, located on the grounds that surround Queen's Park. It was founded by royal charter in 1827 as King's College, the first institution of higher learning in Upper Canada. Originally controlled by the Church of England, the university assumed its present name in 1850 upon becoming a secular institution. As a collegiate university, it comprises eleven colleges each with substantial autonomy on financial and institutional affairs and significant differences in character and history. The university also operates two suburban campuses located in Scarborough and Mississauga.
The University of Toronto offers over 700 undergraduate and 200 graduate programs. In all major rankings, the university consistently ranks in the top ten public universities in the world and as the top university in the country. It receives the most annual scientific research funding and endowment of any Canadian university and is one of two members of the Association of American Universities outside the United States, the other being McGill University.Academically, the University of Toronto is noted for influential movements and curricula in literary criticism and communication theory, known collectively as the Toronto School. The university was the birthplace of insulin and stem cell research, the first artificial cardiac pacemaker, and the site of the first successful lung transplant and nerve transplant. The university was also home to the first electron microscope, the development of deep learning, neural network, multi-touch technology, the identification of the first black hole Cygnus X-1, and the development of the theory of NP-completeness.
The Varsity Blues are the athletic teams that represent the university in intercollegiate league matches, with ties to gridiron football, rowing and ice hockey. The earliest recorded instance of gridiron football occurred at University of Toronto's University College in November 1861. The university's Hart House is an early example of the North American student centre, simultaneously serving cultural, intellectual, and recreational interests within its large Gothic-revival complex.
The University of Toronto alumni include three Governors General of Canada, five Prime Ministers of Canada, nine foreign leaders, and seventeen justices of the Supreme Court. As of March 2019, twelve Nobel laureates, six Turing Award winners, 94 Rhodes Scholars, and one Fields Medalist have been affiliated with the university.

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  1. B

    Schools Which Canadian university should I go to for physics undergrad?

    I'm a grade 11 student in Canada. I love physics and want to work as a researcher someday. I'll be applying to universities in a couple of months. I'm trying to decide which I want to go to because I like having a clear plan ahead of me. UofT is a great option for me (close to home), but I've...
  2. chasemcd

    Schools Ryerson vs UofT Aerospace Engineering

    I see this question has been asked here before but that was 9 years ago and I’d like to get more up to do opinions. I’m trying to make my final decision and any input would be appreciated. I’ve been accepted into both UofT’s Engineering Science program and Ryerson’s Aerospace Engineering...
  3. A

    Schools Waterloo or UofT for physics? (Both Ontario Universities)

    I'm applying for university this year and have taken interest in these two schools. Which one will provide me with the best physics education? And I plan on attending physics graduate school too.
  4. T

    ENG/SCI UOFT With AS Level Grades

    Hey can someone tell me if i have a good chance of getting into EngSci with these grades? THIS IS AS LEVEL IM STILL DOING MY A LEVEL...(THE PREDICTED GRADES GO TO THE UNI BTW:)) Bio: B Chem:A Math:A Phy: B i have done english as a first language in my GCSE AND I am doing my toefl this year
  5. ujjwal3097

    Schools Which University is good for physics and computer science?

    Hi I have been admitted to University of Toronto[ Trinity college] and McGill University as an international student for physics major. I am planning to do double major in computer science and physics. I want to know which university is better for these subject at an undergrad level. I have to...
  6. J

    UofT or McMaster: Which Engineering Program is Right for Me?

    Im a high school student in Hamilton, Ontario, and on the second round of admissions I received conditional offers from McMaster for general engineering and University of Toronto for chemical engineering. I intend to do engineering right after undergrad, but everything is subject to change, I...
  7. X

    Should I Choose Ryerson or UofT for Physics in Toronto?

    I am not sure where to go for physics. People say UofT is very hard and that they make you do unnecessary work that isn't even on the curriculum, and that it is the best school in Canada, etc, etc. My question is, if I want to take it easier and do less work (and get a higher GPA while I'm...
  8. F

    UCLA aerospace or EngSci at UofT?

    I got accepted into both programs and I'm thinking about pursuing a career in aerospace engineering in the future. Right now I'm having trouble deciding between these 2 programs. I have done some research online myself and here is what I come up with right now Academics: University of...
  9. H

    1st year ugrad at UofT; considering cosmology.

    Hello, I am a first year undergraduate student at University of Toronto planning to pursue cosmology as a field of study in the future. There are currently two specialist programs being offered that relate to my interests (unfortunately, I was unable to find a direct link to the programs, so...
  10. F

    Grade 11 Student - UofT vs UofW

    Hi Guys, I am currently in grade 11 (just finished my last exam yesterday :-), who lives in Toronto. I would like to pursue toward an Engineering program. I have some questions: 1- I am not sure which school to go (Waterloo or Toronto). 2- Considering I live in TO, does it worth to go to...
  11. ╔(σ_σ)╝

    Mathematical Finance Program at UofT

    I just got of the phone with departement and I have heard good things about the program. Pros I may not need to retake math courses I already took in engineering. The program is only one year. 4 months school, 4 months internship and 4 months school. Department has 100% sucess rate of finding...
  12. M

    EngiSci Option in Aerospace at UofT?

    I have a question regarding The Aerospace Option at UofT EngSci: Will getting this degree limit me in any way in terms of job opportunities after I graduate? Would I be better off going to Carleton or Ryerson for a full Aero program? My dilemma is that UofT is much more well-respected nationally...
  13. G

    Which Textbook is Used for 1st Year Physics at UofT?

    What book is used for next year's 1st year physics at University of Toronto? I have a very old Fundamentals of Physics, I read it but didn't do that much problems. (though I did contest questions) I want to restudy everything, this time doing all the problems. I want to buy the exact textbook...
  14. R

    UofT EngSci Admission Risks: Am I at Risk of Losing My Offer?

    Hello, This question is mainly aimed at those people who have a good idea of UofT's admission processes, especially for Engineering: I got into the EngSci program at UofT (I was very happy when I received the offer), but now I'm afraid I'm probably going to end up losing my offer. You see...
  15. S

    UofT for Physics Is it really that bad?

    UofT for Physics... Is it really that bad? I've been searching a lot of the old posts about the undergrad physics program in UofT and got the sense that people are miserable their because their GPA's are kept really low. I'm going to accept an offer to either Waterloo or UofT before May 28, and...
  16. A

    Need help with univ. decision - Queen's vs Waterloo vs UofT for engineering

    Need urgent help with univ. decision - Queen's vs Waterloo vs UofT for engineering Hi all, I am in need of some urgent advice. I am in my last year of high school and I've been accepted into the following programs for university next year: UofT - Engineering Science Queen's -...
  17. T

    Programs Should I continue with my degree at UofT?

    I'm currently pursuing a BSc at UofT. I've been dying to ask someone's advice about my academic situation -- please tell me what your advice would be. Due to a combination of personal reasons (family pressure, an intimidating teacher who was suspended for punching a student), I completely...
  18. R

    Is UofT's EngSci the Best Engineering Program in Canada?

    Hey everyone, so I just thought I'd let you all know because I'm so excited that next year I'm going to be starting my first year towards my bachelor's in Engineering Science at the University of Toronto! I was debating between UofT and McGill for the past few weeks, visited both, and decided...