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English translated German Linear Algebra book

  1. Sep 25, 2015 #1
    Dear all, Can someone please recommend a english version of a linear algebra book. "Lineare algebra, Siegfried Bosch" I dont speak German so I cannot understand the chapters. If someone can help to identify a book with similar chapters that will be very helpful.

    you can find the full book here:

    w.5px.eu › bosch

    Another book that needs english translation is "Harro Hueser, lehrbuch der analysis teil 1, "

    sehr danke (Thanks).
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    There are lots of Linear Algebra books in English. Why the interest in a book written in German?
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    The IPSP from leipzig university has recommended these book for the course "M1 linear algebra and calculus of one variable"
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    I guess you'll need to start learning German, then. I wouldn't think the lecturers at Leipzig U. hold their classes in English, nor is it a given that all German texts are offered in translation.
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    The course is taught in Englisch for your info! I am just baffled as to why german books are prescribed. Anyway, please help if you can!
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