What is German: Definition and 52 Discussions

Germán (Spanish pronunciation: [xeɾˈman]) is a male given name in Spanish speaking countries. It is a cognate to French Germain, and is a variant of Latin Germanus.

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  1. Wrichik Basu

    Can anyone translate this German for application to University of Hamburg?

    I am in the process of applying to the University of Hamburg. As an international student, I have to get my Indian certificates "converted" to the German system before the application begins in February. The university has released a set of rules for this...
  2. J

    German contributions to aviation

    I read lots of comments,text like this:"American, Russian or European,aircrafts all of them are German systems, ideas, experiences and technologies After World War II, Russia and America offered German scientists, engineers and researchers asylum and work under their supervision or punished...
  3. S

    History History or hoax? "D-Day Through German Eyes"

    There is at least one article online disputing the historical veracity of the popular book "D-Day Through German Eyes" https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7017619/Amazons-D-Day-bestseller-HOAX-Historians-claim-German-Eyes-book-fabrication.html (Of course, the Daily Mail might perpetuate...
  4. Kleio

    Classical Where Can I Find German and English Physics Textbooks for Secondary School?

    I am looking for secondary school (ages 11-14) Physics textbooks from Germany and England. Can you help me?
  5. S

    Schools What is the educative system like at German universities? Should I study there?

    I am a 21-year-old from Mexico that recently dropped out of engineering. I was dissatisfied by the mayor and the education system here in Mexico. I am looking forward to studying Physics in Germany because it is free and life is not so expensive. But I have my doubts. Is education at top...
  6. C

    German energy prices go negative

    Well for awhile at least. I'm a bit surprised they couldn't export the excess. The Independent: Germany energy consumers paid to use power over Christmas as supply outstrips demand. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIwn6XOoTc
  7. F

    Admissions Applying for a PhD position in Germany/Sweden/Ireland

    I have a masters degree in physics and I want to apply for a PhD position especially in Germany. What are the necessary steps that I should take and how can I apply for a scholarship? I have looked online but some information are a bit confusing and lacking so I hope someone could layout a rough...
  8. N

    Learn French or German language for physicist?

    I am planning on learning a new language in the upcoming year. I already have a B1 level of french and had thought about perfecting it. However, I was told that German was more useful as a physicist as it would open career paths in Germany and postgrad opportunities after undergrad, the only...
  9. F

    Schools Recognition of German degrees at Canadian grad schools

    Hi everyone! I've got a question about recognition chances of my German degrees at Canadian grad schools. Ideally there would be people out there who did their Bachelor+Master in Germany or in a country with a similar academic system (3+2 years, Master as a precondition to Ph.D. rather than an...
  10. B

    Calculus Translation of a German book about ODEs

    I need a translation of "Differentialgleichungen : Losungsmethoden und Losugen", I guess it is written in German. This book was referenced in Shepley L. Ross' book on ODE. If the English translation is not unavailable, I am fine with a book that contains a "list" of special differential...
  11. T

    Quantum Good German textbooks with English translation

    I want to learn German to read those old classic papers written in German. I think the best way is to find a good, classic German book and compare it with its English translation. I believe in this way I can pick up German quickly. So, could anyone recommend some good German books in maths...
  12. B

    The Mystery of German Concrete-Penetrating Artillery

    Hi This example of KEnergy and resistance seems incorrect. Sabot. An artillery projectile with narrow core and wide plastic rings to give energy to smaller drag . .. "This, in combination with the sub-projectiles’ higher sectional density, gives the resulting sub-projectile vastly reduced...
  13. A

    Other German Secondary School Textbooks

    I would like to know what are the most famous German secondary school textbooks for physics, electronics, or mathematics, during the post WW2 era. In other words, these are textbooks that were used in the Gymnasium, Realschule, or Hauptschule, from c. 1950-1990. Thank you. P.S. Although my...
  14. M

    Studying Is it possible to learn German in a small amount of time?

    So I am thinking about going to Germany, they offer an intensive course for 6 months in there to learn German, it's supposed to get you to level B2, I really want to get to this level to be able to apply for a German university ( that's my only choice cause they are free ) and study physics...
  15. StevieTNZ

    German courts rule Facebook 'friend finder' unlawful

    An interesting case, and outcome: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jan/14/germany-highest-court-facebook-friend-finder-unlawful Thoughts?
  16. ujjwal3097

    Lingusitics How Can I Learn Multiple Languages by Next August?

    Hi i wanted to learn a new language probably German ,can anyone please give me advice about books and other resources .I am planning to learn two -three languages by next august( 2016). after December 12th (after completing my college application and stuff) i can spend straight 7 hours a day in...
  17. PcumP_Ravenclaw

    English translated German Linear Algebra book

    Dear all, Can someone please recommend a english version of a linear algebra book. "Lineare algebra, Siegfried Bosch" I don't speak German so I cannot understand the chapters. If someone can help to identify a book with similar chapters that will be very helpful. you can find the full book...
  18. sunrah

    Classical English equivalents of German (pub. Springer) textbooks

    Hi, anyone who studied in Germany will be familiar with the theoretical and experimental physics books written by Nolting and Demtroeder respectively. These books are really the standard at undergraduate level but are much more rigorous and detailed than a lot of English language textbooks, e.g...
  19. E

    Engineering Studying Engineering and Management at a German Hochschule

    Hello I have been recently accepted into a German University of applied sciences for the degree "Engineering and management" at THI. http://em.thi.de/ http://www.thi.de/en/studies/studying-at-thi/bachelor-programmes/em.html I want to do the program however my relative is telling me since its...
  20. F

    Finding lens diameter - German physics task

    Hey everybody, I'm right now trying to solve a question I found in a German physics competition 2006 concerning the diameter of a thin camera lens. I'm not able to find a solution, since there is basically nothing given. Here the task (I underlined phrases which might be important): A ruler...
  21. M

    Can I operate a 230V, 50 Hz, 500 W german oscillating saw

    Can I operate a 230V, 50 Hz, 500 W German oscillating saw in the US? I purchased for it a 1000 W step-up voltage converter in order to convert to 110 V, 60 Hz electricity used here in US. I am worried that 1000 W may not be enough. I am using the unit for 3-4 minutes at a time, once a week.
  22. F

    Einstein wrote his essay: The world as I see it in English or German?

    A very famous one which starts with: "What an extraordinary situation is that of us mortals! Each of us is here for a brief sojourn; for what ..." I'm a little curious because I'm not an English native and feel so strange by grammar of the essay. And I guess he did write it originally in...
  23. Seydlitz

    Classic German Science Textbooks and Writings

    I wonder if the German speaking members have recommendation to classic German textbooks or writings in Physics and Mathematics. I prefer undergraduate level but you can of course share other important works. I am also interested in learning German physics and mathematical terms since they have...
  24. Y

    German vs Japanese Industry: Which Country Reigns Supreme in Heavy Industries?

    hi all when you hear the phrase "Made In Germany" or "Made In Japan" ,what do you think? I am sure you immediately think about quality and proficiency ... but in the engineering field there should be comparisons ,which is better? which one is more reliable ?? what do you think about both...
  25. S

    Information on the German mathematics and physics education

    I am currently studying in 12th standard in India. My subjects are English, Bengali, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science. I am quite good in mathematics. I would like to study maths and physics in Germany. Please give me some detailed information about the maths ans physics curricula...
  26. Mohamad&Issa

    Studying Studying physics is better in France or German?

    Hello.. I want to kwon if studying physics in France is better than studying it in German. And what universities are good to study it in. Thanks
  27. L

    German biophysics student -> masterprogram abroad?

    German biophysics student --> masterprogram abroad? Hello, I've read a lot of postings on this forum so far, and I'm impressed that there are so many people trying to help each other. Now I have a few questions which hopefully can be answered by you. I'm a biophysics student (3rd...
  28. A

    German or French for Engineering?

    I'm looking forward to beginning studying a new language next year, mostly because I want to broaden my career choices, but also because it's an old dream of mine. I was thinking about studying French, since my native language is also a romance language which makes things a lot easier, but a...
  29. M

    German vs. American physics programs.

    Hello, I'm originally from Canada but I'm studying physics in Germany and I'm just curious to see how different the two physics programs are. It is the beginning of our 2nd year (though the germans have an extra year of high school, so probably equivalent to the start of 3rd year), and in our...
  30. J

    How useful would knowing German or Japanese be for an EE?

    Note: I learned German while I lived in Switzerland for 2 years. I'm studying to be an EE right now. From your professional experience in the industry, would German be a very useful language to know? Is there much of a demand for bilingual engineers? From my experience in Switzerland, almost...
  31. W

    Comp Sci Using the German Laguage or ANY Foreign Language with Java

    Homework Statement First of all this isn't for homework. I am trying to create a Java program that will test me on the German language for my German class; however, I do not know how to get the umlauts, accents, and other special characters to show up. Do I need to import a language handler...
  32. G

    Is there a strategy for combining the German tank and secretary problem?

    Is it possible to give a strategy for the combined problem of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_tank_problem and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secretary_problem So I'm observing tanks with serial numbers and I'm allowed only the keep the last one. I also don't know how many there are in...
  33. S

    Programs Exchange to German for a physics major

    Hi guys, I would like to ask for a few opinions on exchange to German for a Physics major degree. First, I like the German culture. And I would love to learn how Germany study science, especially Math and Physics. I wonder how much it will do for my studies? What is the best year...
  34. M

    Spanish vs German - Which Foreign Language?

    I'm signing up for classes right now, and I'm going to start my foreign language. I'm pretty sure I want to take either Spanish (because I have some experience with it, and it would be the most useful here in the US), or German (since it's more scientific, and my family is german, so that would...
  35. M

    Is it just me or are German books a tad boring?

    I went to Austria for a year-long exchange during high school and I learned quite a bit of German. I am at the point where I can read 90% of the 'adult' sort of novels (meaning books that are not children's books or short stories, not erotic books). I'm browsing amazon.com looking for a few to...
  36. A

    Getting a PhD in the USA as a German

    Hi, for personal reasons I really really want to get my PhD in the USA. I'll have my german diploma in 1.5 years or so (which is at least a masters equivalent) and already attended 1 year of non-degree gradschool at UNM (New Mexico). Here in Germany you usually get paid as a PhD student, half...
  37. N

    Schools German Universities for International Students - Science PhDs

    Hey all, I am just writing to see if anyone has any thoughts on well repsected German universities that have a lot of international students attending them. Any thoughts, just post them up. I am looking at doing a PhD in a Science related field
  38. C

    Is Jazz Usually Subtle or Was This Quartet an Exception?

    I just came back from this club where this German Jazz quartet was playing. Apparently theyre on a world tour, and Delhi was one of their stops. I kinda liked it, they were really good, and technically, they were off the charts (their lead guitarist was this lady who was absolutely brilliant)...
  39. D

    Exploring the Rise of Pro-German Sentiment on College Campuses

    I've been at my university for three years and the first two of which I had never run across the pro-german youth movements that I did in my third year. I am not sure why but according to a small minority of people everything german is just better; pencils, rulers, paper, cars, music, etc. I...
  40. T

    What is the English translation for Einsatzunghomöomorphismus in German?

    Can anyone identify the word something like "Einsatzunghomöomorphismus", and give me the english translation? It is the homeomorphism where you evaluate the elements by plugging elements from another space. Well, that is not a good sentence... Suppose you consider the polynomial...
  41. Astronuc

    German World Cup Official - Kiessling

    World Cup official shot himself :frown: Berlin's top World Cup official shot himself in the head just hours after the tournament ended and is now fighting for his life, police say. Juergen Kiessling, 65, was rushed to hospital from his house in Reinickendorf, a suburb of Berlin, after...
  42. M

    Dr. Watson and German secret Club

    Dr. Watson is going to pay a visit to a secret club in Germany. There is a bouncer at the door, that will only let people woh have the correct passwords in. Dr. Watson is clever so he listens to what a couple of people are saying to get in. Bouncer: 18 Person 1: 9 ---------------...
  43. S

    News German gets community service for insulting Islam

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20060223/wl_nm/crime_religion_germany_dc_2" Madness. Just Madness. We are collapsing into a dictatorship.
  44. B

    Advice Needed: Should I Drop German A-Level?

    I am studying Maths, German, DT and Physics at A Level. I just finished my AS exams and got my results. Now I need to decide which subject I am going to drop, and which subjects I am going to carry onto A2. The problem is, I have lived in Germany for 13 years, so I speak fluent german. I am...
  45. S

    Schools German Universities: Known in America?

    A question to people from America: are any German universities known in America?
  46. DocToxyn

    German Translator: Bergwerk Bankruptcy - Will They Shut Down?

    I'm looking for someone who can give me a basic summary of the following text that was taken from a site about cycling and wheeled machine-type things. I don't need the full article translated, just give me the gist. I have a feeling that the company has declared bankruptcy, but did they shut...
  47. R

    Big Bertha: German Gun that Shelled Paris

    During World War 1, the Germans had a gun called Big Bertha that was used to shell Paris. the shell had an initial speed of 1.22 km.s at an initial inclination of 85.3 degrees to the horizontal. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. How far did the shell hit? Answer in units of km. i got...
  48. S

    WW2 era German 88 mm anti aircraft gun

    What was so special about WW2 era German 88 mm anti aircraft gun later used to great effect as an anti tank gun?
  49. E

    Discover the Influence of German Words in Physics and Mathematics"

    Hi all, in many English physics and mathematics texts I found German words like Bremsstrahlung, Eigenvector, Welcher-Weg-information, Gedankenexperiment, Ansatz, ... If you know more, then post them here.
  50. A

    German researchers claimed to figured out the Eye evolutionary history

    German researchers claimed to figured out the "Eye" evolutionary history Hey guys; There is an article on slashdot about German researchers that have claimed to have figured out the evolutionary history of the eye. Here is the quote from slashdot...