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Homework Help: English translation please! in math

  1. Nov 23, 2008 #1
    Base of the system problems, please help

    What is the base of the system in which 121 represents the same number as the decimal number 324?

    I need someone to tell what this thing is saying thank you.
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    The base of the system is referring to base of the number system. i.e. base 2 is binary and base 10 is the decimal system that we usually use.

    It is telling you that 324 is a decimal number so it is the normal numbers you work with, but 121 is not. You need to find what base it is in.
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    If b is the base, then 121 (base b) represents 1*b^2 + 2*b + 1, which has to equal 324 (base 10).
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    many thanks to both of u
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