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Entanglement at cosmic distances possible?

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    entanglement at cosmic distances possible??

    Warning, crazy question from uneducated human :-) Patience required.

    Ok, so say there is an Alien civilization far away, and they and we both 'see' a event, say a supernova.

    Is there a way that the photons WE recieve, and the photons THEY recieve would be in any way entangled and thus allow some kind of message to be sent between us?

    How about photons emitted from matter falling into a black hole?

    IF the photons were entangled how could we 'send' a message by collapsing the wave function associated with those photons? Say send 3.14159 or some such?

    You were warned, crazy questions from ignorant armchair physics nuts
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    Entanglement does not carry information and cannot be used to send messages. Period.
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