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Entry Level Job for Physicist/Engineer in School?

  1. Jul 10, 2012 #1
    Entry Level Job for Physicist/Engineer in School??

    Im currently in school majoring in physics (with the intention of taking an engineering masters) and work full time as a mechanic. I used to love my job, but i have gotten so familiar with it, it is no longer a challenge and has become incredibly mundane.

    I'm wondering if there is something I should try to apply for that could give me a new challenge while giving me experience in my field, or at least CLOSE to my field.

    I am already pretty sure that the answer is no. I would have to make at least 15 hourly and have the flexibility to schedule around my classes. Right now I am on salary and so long as I keep the work load caught up, I can take off in mid-day for day classes as needed. So I have the perfect job. Except that I'm sick of it. Which is why I'm in school!

    Just figured it wouldn't hurt to ask... Perhaps someone has some ideas that I could pursue.

    OR, even if you don't have a suggestion for a "job", any suggestions for ways that I can earn experience are ALWAYS appreciated :)

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  3. Jul 11, 2012 #2
    Re: Entry Level Job for Physicist/Engineer in School??

    If you need the money, keep the job till you get your degree. You are going to be really hard pressed to find a job during the day that will let you take off for several hours while you take classes.
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