Equation for angular acceleration

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So knowing knowing radius and mass of the object, what is the equation to find angular acceleration?
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It's not dependent on either, is it?
Isn't it just dω/dt?
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your question is kind of ambiguous, there's a number of ways to find angular acceleration depending on what you know. for example, if you know its angular speed at one instant, its angular speed at another, and the amount its turned in between then you can solve for the angular acceleration using:

[itex]\alpha[/itex] = (ωf^2 - ωi^2)/2[itex]\theta[/itex]

or, instead if you knew the amount of time that elapsed between those velocities:

[itex]\alpha[/itex] = (ωf - ωi)/Δt

theres a bunch of ways you can do it, but just given the mass and radius doesn't tell you very much. the radius helps you find out the angular acceleration and velocity at different points out from your center of mass, or if you have a tangential acceleration and you want to convert to your angular acceleration:

aT = [itex]\alpha[/itex]R

maybe if you said more about your problem there would be a more definite answer

1. What is the equation for angular acceleration?

The equation for angular acceleration is α = (ωf - ωi) / t, where α is the angular acceleration, ωf is the final angular velocity, ωi is the initial angular velocity, and t is the time interval.

2. What are the units of angular acceleration?

The units of angular acceleration are radians per second squared (rad/s2).

3. How is angular acceleration related to linear acceleration?

Angular acceleration and linear acceleration are related through the equation α = a / r, where α is the angular acceleration, a is the linear acceleration, and r is the radius of the circular motion.

4. Can the equation for angular acceleration be used for objects in linear motion?

No, the equation for angular acceleration is specifically for objects in circular motion. For objects in linear motion, the equation for linear acceleration (a = (vf - vi) / t) should be used.

5. How can the equation for angular acceleration be applied in real-life situations?

The equation for angular acceleration can be applied in situations such as calculating the acceleration of a spinning top or a spinning ride at an amusement park. It is also used in fields such as engineering and physics to analyze the motion of rotating objects.

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