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Equation for determining weight difference given distances to center?

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    I want to build a scale that measures weight diff by how far the two weights have to be from the center in order to be balanced.
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    basically I think for two masses m1 and m2 then for them to balance then m1xd1=m2xd2
    Where d1 and d2 are the distance.

    Turning force is measure in Newton metres

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton_metres [Broken]

    It can also be measured in pounds foot.

    It does not matter about the units if you know the mass of one as m2=m1 x d1/d2
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    What you're looking for is exactly what has been described above, if you need a more in depth answer, the easiest thing is to Google "moments". The above description will more or less find you a point where things will balance, and from that you should be able to work out the differences in weight (or more correctly mass). If you need any help doing the latter, and cant find away from looking up moments, holler and we'll explain it for you.
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