Equilibrant & box and plank problems

  1. Problem 3:
    Two forces are exerted on a ring. The first force is a force of 20 N, 30 degrees North of East, and the second force is 15 N, 10 degrees West of North. What is the magnitude and direction of the equilibrant that keeps the ring from moving? Show all work.

    Problem 4:
    A 75-kg plastic box full of baseballs is resting on a long plank. If Ben raises one end of the plank up off the floor so it makes a 40 degree incline, what are the parallel and perpendicular weight components of the box with respect to the plank? Show all work.

    Problem 5:

    The same box in the previous problem starts to slide down the incline, if the coefficient of the kinetic friction is 0.32 what is the frictional force exerted on the box by the plank as it slides down the incline? Show all work.

    Problem 6:
    As Janelle distracts Ben, he ignores the box in problem 4 continue to slide down the plank at the same angle, what is the boxes acceleration as it heads towards the floor? Show all work.

    Problem 7: Draw a free-body diagram of the forces acting on the box of baseballs as it slides down the plank in the previous problem (Draw vectors of appropriate length and label all the different forces.)
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  3. Where do you get stuck?
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    These problems are way too difficult for us to do all by ourselves, ariol.
    Please, SHOW US YOUR WORK!!
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