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Homework Help: Equilibrium temperature with 2 states of matter

  1. Sep 30, 2015 #1
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    35g of h2o(g) at 380K flows into 300g of h2o(l) at 300K. Cp(l)=4.18kJ/K*kg and ΔH(condensation)= -2257kJ/kg.
    I need to calculate the final temperature when the system reaches equilibrium.

    Is the heat capacity for the h2o gas different than h2o liquid? Can you calculate heat capacity using ΔH(condensation)?

    The answer I got when I used the same heat capacity was about 290K. Which I thought was odd considering the liquid water started at 300K and the gas was even hotter than that. could this be because heat was lost during condensation of the steam?
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