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EReader Tablet for Science/Math books?

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    I was thinking about getting the Kindle or some other eReader. Does anyone know how it handles displaying pictures, charts, graphs, equations, and such? I would definitely be getting mathematics books and the like. If it's not able to handle it, I'll just stick with good ole fashion paper books.
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    A Kindle as in e-ink reader or just regular tablet on which you could read your math books?
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    get an ipad. do more maths.
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    Ipad is overkill. Just use a giant 'TI-89', that is a e-ink reader, root it and use it as you wish.
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    It's a huge hassle to mess with the ipad's battery life while using it as a text book. I have a kindle and it has a long life, clear picture, easily less strain on the eyes (provided you don't get some fancy color one). The only down side is, not many text books are available for it. If you already have a pdf of your books then it would work. Some of the figures will appear un-readable if they have really fine lines though.
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    interesting solution.
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    I'm pretty sure the TI-89 uses an LCD screen.

    I've been looking into both the B&W and color Kindles and Nooks as a Christmas present for myself. However, while the color ones can surf the net, they don't do it with anywhere near the elegance of an iPad.

    I've been giving the iPad 2 some serious thought. I can't see paying a grand for a new Windows laptop when a decked-out iPad 2 with all the accessories would run me about the same. It wouldn't come with Word and Excel, but with Pages and Numbers...

    Has higher education moved forward with textbooks in electronic format? Or are publishers whining about security and not being able to use their forest-killing printing presses?

    If I got an iPad 2, there'd be a lot less things I'd have to carry around. I wonder if there's an app that'll allow me to photograph the pages of a textbook before putting it in a reduced-size (OCR-based) format like a reader. Apple would probably call it Binder.
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