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Homework Help: Estimate the hypotenuse of the triangle

  1. Jan 25, 2007 #1
    Hi I just had a question on a quiz that asked to estimate the hypotenuse of triangle with given sides and a maximum error possibility. The two given sides were 5 and 12..i dont need an exact solution..but I was just wondering how to do it.

    I Found the maximum Error that was possible and the said the the hypotenuse was 13+/-Error. Is this how to do it?

    The max error was found using differentials.
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    Assuming that you did in fact find "Error", then yes, the hypotenuse would be [itex]13\pm "Error"[/itex]. The point of the problem is, of course, to find "Error".
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    Yeah thats what I thought..But I didnt know if you were allowed to simply say the hypotenuse was 13..since finding that has nothing to do with differentials...I wasnt sure if there was actually a way to find the actual estimated length of it...without having to subtract the errror.
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