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Etchant that attacks Fe and not attack Al

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    Dear all:

    I have two layers: 1-2nm of Fe on top of 10-30 nm of Al. I am going to etch some portions of the top Fe layer.
    So I am looking for an etchant that attacks Fe and not Al.
    Can you help me?

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    Hi Si14, I was looking through some lists of microfabrication etchants, and unfortunately there's nothing that etches iron without also attacking aluminum.
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    Thank you very much Mapes. I am still looking for that to find one etchant and there might be a good etchant. Other friends have any suggestion?

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    Is there any particular reason for why you can't use a lift-off process to remove the Fe?
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    Good question.
    The reason is that I use e-beam evaporator to deposit and it takes about 4 hours for each deposition. So I wanted to deposit all layers at once.
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