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Evolution not completely random according to an experiment

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    Evolution mutations not completely random according to an experiment

    I wondered for a while where to post this link, but since it will probably provoke questions on the origins of this new guiding mechanism of evolution, i decided it had to land here(it will be a matter of time till someone raises the question "Do proteins have a mind of their own?"). Here is the link to an experiment carried out in the Chemistry Department of Princeton University :


    What are your thoughts?
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    Also see http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2008/11/prediction_selfpromoting_hype.php" [Broken].
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    It looks like they invented the wheel.

    The non-randomness of the process of evolution has been accepted by science for a long time. Nature has been doing her own 'experiments' which merely need to be observed.

    You might enjoy this book:
    "Inside the Human Genome" by John C. Avise
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    The OP is no longer a member here, so this thread is closed.
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