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Physics Examples of industry related physics jobs?

  1. Jun 17, 2012 #1
    What examples can you give me of industry related-physics jobs out their? (what industry types, mining, nuclear?) Does working at CERN or a nuclear power plant count?

    Thanks for the response(s)
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    It is not quite clear to me what you want to know. There are plenty of industrial jobs for physicists. Bear in mind that an industrial physicists will work closely with mechanical and electronics engineers or other more production-oriented professions.

    Semiconductor industry: Pushing device development (smaller feature sizes, new types of storage).

    mining/oil: Geophysics

    Optics: Development of microscopes/lenses and so on. I believe the actual optics are still being developed by physicists before the project is given to engineers for implementation.

    Then there are plenty of smaller companies that develop detectors/electronics/vacuum systems/superconductors and so on for use by researchers at CERN, other government labs and universities.
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    Never mind the other 2 questions if they make it confusing just this.

    Thanks M Quack.
    Does anyone have actual names for the jobs physicists can do in the industrial field or are they just called industrial physicist, im just interested in researching some specific ones.
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