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Expectations for a graduate program

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    I'll be graduating next year with an EE degree, and I decided to take a shoot at a VTech MSc program deployed here in Egypt, by which I will be traveling to USA for one year to complete my courses, although based here in Egypt, I will be compared to undergraduates from all over the US, and graduate school's here in Egypt have very low admission numbers and anyone is accepted hence have such low standard so I was hoping you'd help me with these two question's

    1-What's expected from me when applying for the VTech program as a fresh graduate (GPA, knowledge, Research, experience, projects, internships,....)?

    2-Since I'll be staying for over a year at the US, I was hoping that I'd hookup with an electronic design firm, so what does these company expect my level knowledge to be (Programming languages, certain area's I should know about........)?

    btw I just realized I posted in the wrong thread, sorry.
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    No worries on the forum choice -- you are asking about EE degree and jobs and such.

    -1- I'm not familiar with the VTech MSc program and what's expected. Do you have a web pointer to more info about it?

    -2- Here's a helpful thread where we talk about what employers are looking for in new EEs:

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    Thanks for the link of the thread
    The link for the VT program in Egypt is
    http://tdl.ece.vt.edu/VT-MENA/ [Broken]
    it has a link for the VTech graduate site in the faq section.
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