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Experiencing time faster rathe than slower

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    If the sun is moving at high speeds around the galaxy, then if we travelled in the opposite direction of the suns movement then would we be experiencing time faster instead of slower?
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    Well, look up reference frames and general relativity, then perhaps restate the question.
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    We always experience time at the rate of 1 second per second.

    We also see objects moving relative to us as aging slower. This does not depend on the direction of motion.

    So someone on Earth would see someone travelling in ANY direction (including your opposite direction) as aging more slowly. That person, would, however, from their POV see the Earth as aging more slowly.

    This is known as the "twin paradox". It's not really paradoxical, as has been discussed on this forum many times. Look up the term "twin paradox" and you should see a lot of material on the topic. I'd particular recommend the sci.physics.faq entries. (I could post a link, but hopefully you'll be able to find them yourself if you actually look).
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    Thanks, thats helped me a lot, ill read up about it.
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