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Experimentally measuring torque.

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    What experimental methods are there for measuring the static (and dynamic if possible) torque required to turn a simple tooth gear? This tooth gear is used to rotate 4 wheels, 2 of which are connected to the shaft and 2 are on another shaft with the two shaftes connected with a toothed belt to rotate both.

    I know i could use a torque sensor but was wondering what other methods there was.
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    In our testfield we used calibrated DC-motors. Calibrated means we had the motors on a braking rig first to assess velocity / power / current characteristics. DC-motors for the ability to run at diffeent speeds. Once you know the shaft power and speed required to rotate your gear, you can compute the torque easily.
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    Depending on the accuracy you need to achieve, a simple torque wrench might be able to give you a reasonable value.
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