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Explain convection heat transfer using kinetic theory

  1. May 24, 2015 #1
    I am trying to explain the convection heat transfer and the mass transfer related (buoyancy of the heated part of the gas) using only kinetic theory of gases , I mean using only collisions between molecules of the gas. The environment is the usual one : a hot wall in contact with a gas. Normally this problem is treated using a simple model of gas heated by the wall and expanded that is pushed up against gravity.
    I have found explanation of viscosity, heat exchange without gravity, diffusion using kinetic theory. I have not found explanation of convection. Could somebody give some informations. Thanks
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    I'll try to give you some hints, to help you find the answer and not give you a whole answer, because I think this is the right way of learning anything.
    When whatever fluid you have, is in contact with a hotter object - a hot wall for that matter, fluid gets energy via conduction, so its density decreases. Now, you have to think about the upward and downward forces, using a very simple line of thinking and see what happens with the volume of hot fluid. When you arrive there, there is an interaction with surrounding fluid that develops a convection effect, in order to account for the pressure difference.
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