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Explaination of Surface tension of water

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    Please read it , and tell whether it is correct. No explanation also okay. Thanks

    Surface tension of water.
     Cohesive and adhesive forces
     Cohesive force is the forces between water molecules.
     Molecule in the bulk liquid is attracted by other molecules in all direction due to the electrostatic forces between negative polarity of oxygen in one water molecule and the positive polarity of hydrogen from the other water molecules.
     Molecules from the surface film of water do not have other molecules surrounded in all direction. So these molecules are not pulled or tied in all direction has higher energy ( I think that is why molecules from water surface easy evaporate).
     Molecules from the surface tension will be attracted by others beside them and molecules from bulk water. The internal pressure / potential energy of the molecules will be higher when they get closer.
     According to Euler-Lagrange, in order to decrease the higher internal pressure of the molecules from surface film. The surface become more curvature. The surface area of the surface film decrease.
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