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News Explosions hit Brussels airport and metro

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    Explosions hit Brussels airport, several killed: Belgian media
    By Philip Blenkinsop
    Brussels Zaventem airport and metro hit by blasts

    Apparent coordinated attacks (to be verified)

    Update: Apparently 31 dead, over 100 injured.!
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    Unfortunately it never ends.
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    Not again :cry:
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    Deplorable. There is never an excuse for the intentional targeting of civilians.
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    Very saddened when I opened the news. Not sure what the solution is here. It's just too easy to terrorize right now.
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    Ver sad news. The frequency of the attacks is becoming unbearable. My thoughts go to the victims and their families and loved ones.

    I just saw on the BBC news live update that ISIS has claimed responsibility.
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    Yes - Daesh state claims responsibility for Brussels blasts: Daesh-affiliated news agency
    Witnesses describe blood, dust and chaos in Brussels attacks
    http://news.yahoo.com/witnesses-describe-blood-dust-chaos-brussels-attacks-133659037.html [Broken]
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    From The Small Wars Journal

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    Woke up this morning and see this as the breaking headline on yahoo.co.nz. So so sad. :*(

    @micromass, are you okay?
  11. Mar 22, 2016 #10
    Don't worry. If anything, I hope this doesn't mean that we will single out any single religion or culture as cause for terrorism. We need to keep smiling and remain tolerant and loving towards out neighbour.
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    How many more attacks would change your opinion on this?
  13. Mar 22, 2016 #12
    Considering that my best friends and family are muslims, I don't see how it ever could.
  14. Mar 23, 2016 #13
    Belgian media named two of the suicide bombers as brothers Khalid and Brahim el-Bakraoui, both were known to the authorities and had a criminal record. They appear to be Belgian citizens, though the names suggest to me a north African origin (Brahim instead of Ibrahim).
    A third suspect (the bloke with the hat in the airport photo) was named as Najim Laachraoui and is believed to have been arrested today.
  15. Mar 23, 2016 #14
    Apparently the third suspect is still on the run and has not been identified. Earlier reports were denied. He had the biggest bomb but it didn't explode.
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  17. Mar 23, 2016 #16
    The last will of one of the suspects - Ibrahim Al Bakraoui - has been found. In it, he states "not knowing what to do", "wanted everywhere", "not safe anymore", "we risk ending in a cell". From this it definitely seems the terrorists were panicking due to the arrest of Salah Abdeslam and quickly did the attacks. If they waited, more victims would probably have fallen.
  18. Mar 23, 2016 #17
    If this is the case, it's probably a bit more scary actually. If they cause this much chaos with little planning...
  19. Mar 23, 2016 #18
    I think they obviously planned this beforehand. But definitely not at this date, and they were in a rush. For example, it has been known that they couldn't bring all the explosives since the taxi was too small.

    There have been many press leaks the previous days. I think many of those definitely speed up the process. People should learn to keep silent, and perhaps the press shouldn't report everything they hear...
  20. Mar 23, 2016 #19


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    Generally that is difficult to put into practise and follow the values of a democratic society, where freedom of the press is one of its pillars. Censorship, even self censorship, would be frowned upon as it butts up against right of people to know. If one of the outcomes as a response to terrorism is to pursue a course of limited information to the public, prior to an event, during an event, and after an event, then that becomes problematic ( but perhaps managable ). Trouble is, no one can ever predict with certitude the happening of event, or if it ever will, if from one event to another there are direct, strong or weak cause and effect relationships.

    There are arguments and counter arguments for the "knowing" and the "not-knowing". Balancing the two on a shifting uneven scale is the difficulty.
  21. Mar 23, 2016 #20
    I'm all for freedom of press. Freedom of press should never be infringed upon. But the press itself needs to realize that sometimes things they publish have very real repercussions and could cost other people's lifes. It's a delicate balance, I know. But sometimes government secrecy is there for a reason. And the journalists should choose not to publish even though they might have the right.
    I know, I'm just posting problems. I'm not proposing any answers since I don't know any.
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