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Explosive ejection of higher frequencies by lower freq In 2 tesla coils

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    Greetings PF'rs
    I'm researching a phenominon called ball lightning and one supposed method of generating ball lightning is to take two tesla coils of different resonant frequencies but are pulsed with the same secondary coil. The lower frequency coil induces a current in the nearby higher frequency coil and when the two waves in the HF coil constructively interfere, all the power in the HF coil is released at the location of the peak interference and the charge collects on a piece of soot on the wire, forming ball lightning.

    I spoke to my friend who works on the power grid about this phenomenon and said he had heard of it before, although not in this context and couldn't remember what the effect was called. Can anyone tell me what this explosive ejection of charge is called?

    Referenced texts: http://home.dmv.com/~tbastian/ball.htm [Broken]

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    Tay, Sorry, but I cannot offer you any information on the explosive ejection of charge. I was able to find the same experiment, however. In the “Operation” section under experiment #1. these authors mention Tesla’s “Low Q” explanation and admit it is correct, but they explain the process by the rapid changes in coil impedances.

    However the experiment works, my comment is that the above experiment will not produce Ball Lightning (BL) as found in nature. It may produce small hot plasma balls, quite interesting in themselves. But BL is not hot plasma. If it were, it would rise in the air and it never reported as rising. Also, it forms in nature without high frequency oscillators or carbon soot.

    I have extensive anecdotal reports of BL observations worldwide, a large collection of technical material, and even my own theory of what BL consists of. If you are interested in persuing any of this, send me a private message.

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    I recall reading In a bio about Tesla that one of his party tricks was to reach into his briefcase and retrieve glowing ball lightning which he would juggle for a while before returning it to the briefcase. No one has ever been able to replicate this, or even suggest how he could have done this.

    Maybe you'll be the one to rediscover it .... http://imageshack.us/a/img502/7752/goodluckemoticon.gif [Broken]
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