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  1. CherryB

    How many kWh will a 23MW generator make in 1 year

    If a power plant generates at 23MW, how many kWh will be generated in 1 year? And how many miles could you drive Tesla cars, at highway speeds (70mph), in one year? Thanks
  2. T

    B In layman's terms , how strong is a 3 Tesla Magnet?

    I saw a post where someone was granted access to a 1.5 Tesla MRI. After some research I discovered a 3 Tesla MRI. How strong is this magnet?
  3. Grands

    News How much physics helped Elon Musk in creating his companies?

    How much physics helped Musk in creating his companies ?
  4. M

    I Will a solenoid inside another solenoid increase its strength?

    Will placing a solenoid inside another solenoid increase it's over all strength? While doing research into solenoids I came across the MagLab (The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory) where they place coils one inside another to bolster the field, and reach upwards of 45 Tesla. They use an...
  5. C

    Need help doing force calculations with magnetism (between magnets)

    I am trying to calculate the forces (in Newtons) between a permanent magnet, and an electromagnet. All I can find is interactions between permanent magnets, electromagnets, but never both and it is getting really confusing for me to do the calculations. So basically, if I have a permanent...
  6. D

    I Cause of multiple paths of electrical breakdown?

    When a voltage gradient across a dielectric becomes too large, the material will break down and become conductive, mostly because of plasma ionization. Thus we get lighning, static electricity fingertip shocks, and tesla coil shows. But often during such breakdowns, there are multiple...
  7. F

    I Tesla Tower Transmission Question

    Several weeks ago I viewed a PBS program on Tesla - which is always interesting, & I learn new information every time I read or view a program about Tesla. Here is a question that is some what of a mystery - was Tesla trying to transmit power through the ionosphere, the regular (lower)...
  8. B

    B Magnetic field strength over distance

    I want to know how does distance affect the magnetic field of a permanent magnet. I have read about the inverse square law and how it could apply to magnetic fields over growing distances, but doing so, I read about monopoles, which is a new concept to me. So, for the time being, I would like a...
  9. A

    I need to create a .7+ Tesla electromagnetic solenoid

    I am trying to create a solenoid with a high flux density, but I need the specifications (wire gauge, current applied, etc). The diameter of the core would be preferable around 15mm. The length can be pretty much anything reasonable. I need this for a project that requires a strong repulsive...
  10. muscaria

    Longitudinal waves and vector potentials.

    Hello, I was wondering if anybody knew of any material (books, papers etc..) which considers a possible connection between longitudinal waves and vector potentials, at least mathematically. I have been scouting about, but failed to find anything substantial. I understand that there seems to be...
  11. Blackhawk4560

    Calculating Vectors (in Joules) of an electromagnet

    Good afternoon, Question: Say I have an electromagnet at a 45 degree incline from an electron beam. This electromagnet is exerting 0.75 Tesla on the beam. How can I calculate the vector that the electromagnet will exert on a particle? Note, this is for my own curiosity, not for any homework...
  12. C

    I Another 'Gravity Battery' Question

    Hi All, this question has been thrown around before but never fully answered so I'll put it very simply and cut out the ponderings: A 'gravity battery' could be created by using an energy source to slowly lift a large weight (using gearing or pulleys), then discharged by lowering the weight to...
  13. Ankhen

    Tesla magnetic field holding force and horsepower to remove magnet

    Hi. Is it posible to make an equation to solve this: How many horsepower does it takes to remove a magnet with the force of 1 tesla, from a piece of metal. ? The surface of the magnet and the surface of metal is the same size. I gues the angel of witch the magnet is being pulled affects the...
  14. B

    Will a DC to Pulse Width Modulator work for SS Tesla Coil?

    I am making a small solid state tesla coil. I have the secondary coil, toroid and primary coil but am not sure what to do for a control circuit. I was planning on using two 9 volt batteries for power. Would a DC to Pulse Width Modulator work? This is the one I was thinking of -...
  15. A

    Tesla Coil Help

    Hello all, I am in the process of building a tesla coil and I need a little help. I have everything completed enough that I can start testing it. I plug the coil in and the spark gap fires immediately and continuously, but no arcs come out the toroid. I tried moving the toroid closer to the...
  16. W

    Tesla Wardenclyffe news

    Hello PF - I do not recall seeing this posted before, but they are working to develop a Tesla museum on Long Island - here is the latest news. Graphic is the link...
  17. K

    Powering a Tesla Coil with a 12 volt battery--help--

    So I have been wanting to build a Tesla Coil for a while now, and I did not want to make a large one, just enough for a 4 or 5 inch spark. That being said I began searching the internet for designs when I stumbled upon the 12 volt battery variation. The idea is that the 12v battery would drive...