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Homework Help: Expression for field due to magnetic monopole

  1. Oct 13, 2006 #1
    1)It is said that the expressions for field due to a magnetic monopole is similar to field due to a electric charge except that in the former case we take pole strength in place of charge. Is it true?
    i.e. Electric field due to a point charge = Q/r^2 Magnetic field due to a magnetic monopole = p/r^2
    where p = pole strength,Q = charge
    Is it true for force exerted by a magnetic pole at a given point?
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    No, the field of a magnetic dipole is the same as the field of an electric dipole except you replace the electric dipole moment [itex]\vec{p}[/itex] for the magnetic dipole moment [itex]\vec{\mu}[/itex].
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