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F(8) = -23 and f^(-1)(-25) = 3 what is this functions

  1. Aug 20, 2008 #1
    f(8) = -23 and f^(-1)(-25) = 3

    what is this functions called??
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    Re: function

    What is the functions called? I'm not sure I understand your question. The first function is called f, and the second function is called the inverse of f.

    There are infinitely many functions that satisfy the conditions f(8) = -23 and f^(-1)(-25) = 3, so there is no special name for such functions.
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    Re: function

    so, the question states that

    the inverse of f (-23)= ?

    What's the question tells me to find anyway??
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    Re: function

    About this, i finally found a webpage that would allowed me to understand inverse function. thanks anyway.
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    Re: function

    Yes, if f(a)= b, then f-1[b)= a, by the definition of "inverse". If f(8)= -23, then f-1(-23)= 8.
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