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Failing a non-major(ish) physics course

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    I took CS 1 (simple Java stuff) on the first semester, and that was relatively easy for me to do. However, I am not doing so well in my CS2 course, as I just miserably failed one exam to the point of likely losing hope of getting a B on that course. Now, I am a physics and math major, and I am doing nicely on each one of them, but I am failing CS2. Should I drop that class? I really only needed CS1 for my major requirements, but CS2 is optional. Any help here would be great. Yes, I still have time to drop my course, in case you wondered.
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    I say do what you got to do. If there is no hope in passing and you don't enjoy it, then drop it. Either way, one course will not determine your fate.
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