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Faraday's law with loop of wire and resistor

  1. Nov 11, 2015 #1
    A coil 3.65 cm radius, containing 560 turns, is placed in a uniform magnetic field that varies with time according to B=( 1.20×10^−2 T/s)t+( 3.05×10^−5 T/s4)t^4. The coil is connected to a 600-Ω resistor, and its plane is perpendicular to the magnetic field. You can ignore the resistance of the coil.
    What is the current in the resistor at time t0 = 4.50 s ?

    I got the correct induced emf value:
    E= 2.81×10^−2 V +( 2.86×10^−4 V/s3 )t^3

    I've tried plugging in 4.5s into the emf equation and then dividing I = V/R but the answer is incorrect.
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    Did you multiply it by the no of turns(560)?
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    Yes, that's part of the emf value.
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    Has your course covered self-inductance?
    Perhaps you're expected to include the factor E = - L di / dt.
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