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Farm water filtration and purification systems

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    I'd like to see this topic that came up on Random Thoughts expanded.

    I have two rural water systems, both of which need some help. Any photos, brand names of pumps and filters, specs, would be greatly appreciated.

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I forgot to check the brands but I recognize the brand online. This is the chlorine pump we are now using - a Stenner brand pump. The one in the photo was another brand.

    The original pump only lasted about five years. I'm told this brand should last longer. It uses rollers and tubes [peristaltic pump], as opposed to a diaphragm like the old one had. It is also self-priming. which is nice.

    The black tank in the photo is the chlorine tank. I think it is 30 gallons. No sense undersizing the bleach tank as it just means more trips to the pump house. In our system, any chlorine that doesn't react in the main tank is removed by the carbon filter [the second treatment tank]. Most of the chloride precipates go to the bottom of the main tank and get flushed each day, but the clarifier, the first treatment tank on the right, removes any remaining precipitates.
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    How about your filters???
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I was in the well house today and remembered that you had asked about this.

    The filters are the brand name Water Soft. The tanks are made by Amtrol and Well Mate.

    I can't remember what drove this anymore, but this was the only brand that had something I wanted... I remember that they had to be special ordered.

    It may have been the only brand that offered all three types of filters with all of the desired function.
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    Thanks! Appreciate the info
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