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News FBI details Guantanamo conditions

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    Some new ones here. :yuck: :cry: :frown:

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070103/ap_on_go_ca_st_pe/detainee_abuse [Broken]
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    That's.... pretty freaking awful.

    I fail to see what ends could be served by these means... torture that will lead to information that would save the lives of our citizens is one thing, but torture for its own sake is quite another.

    I can halfway understand the reasoning for the former, although the latter eludes me.

    What do you think are the odds that old rummy will face charges over condoning such base actions?
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    Torture leads to false information, given either to simply stop the abuse or to deliberately mis-inform.

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    its not always false information, but with torture, you have to investigate the valid from the false information quite a lot. there is also the moral low standing that people who use torture are recognized for and this prevents other means from gaining human intelligence. it would be vary rare for KGB officers to be willing to operate as a double agent during the cold war if they knew they were only working for the lesser of two evils instead of 'the good guys'.

    in this war where its so important to be considered the side of the moral (the one the moderates won't want to be attacked), torture is really working against us in the long run for some small, Vary short term gains.
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