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Femtocell for local cell connection

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Very cool!!! I just started using my new femtocell connection from AT&T. It provides a cell connection for a range of about 10 meters, using an internet connection. It seems to work great. The connection is solid with 5 bars, and the sound quality is excellent.

    I have been playing dueling phones for over ten years now because I don't get cell reception in my office due to the surrounding trees and hills. Lately it has become an issue so I started scouting around and found this was available. I know I'm probably behind the times but the fact is that ATT never mentioned it. The first I heard of this was a couple of weeks ago.

    Wired had a write up a couple of years ago.
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    why does one of these thingys cost $100 more from verizon? :(:(
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