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Homework Help: Find Bandwidth Efficiency (R/B) given SNR and Eb/N0

  1. May 11, 2014 #1
    Thank you in advance for your help!

    What is the bandwidth efficiency (R/B) of PSK for a bit error rate of 10^-7 on a channel with
    an S/N of 12 dB?[/b]

    From the graph, for BER= 10^-7, Eb/N0 = 11.2 dB./b]

    I have applied the formulae Eb/N0 = S/N * B/R
    Where, S/N is Signal power over noise power * Bandwidth / Bit Rate

    I know for one that I need to convert dB to dBW by applying 10log(dB)

    However, I have tried for 5 hours and could not get the answer

    The answer to this question is 1.2

    Thank you
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    It looks right to me. Are you making an arithmetical error? Why do you think dBW enters?
    You have
    R/B (dB) = SNR(dB) - (Eb/No)(dB)
    in dB, it is simple to convert to a power ratio.
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