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Homework Help: Find final speed of the astronaut after throwing the tank

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    A 64.1 kg astronaut is on a space walk when the tether line to the shuttle breaks. The astronaut is able to throw a 11.0 kg oxygen tank in a direction away from the shuttle with a speed of 11.7 m/s propelling the astronaut back to the shuttle. Assuming the astronaut starts from rest, find final speed of the astronaut after throwing the tank. Answer in units of m/s
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    What principle do you think you should apply?
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    Damn that's fast! Are you sure its not like 1.17 m/s or is the question just stupid? :biggrin:
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    :rolleyes: ok here you go

    use: Conservation of momentum

    mass of oxygen tank X speed of oxygen tank = mass of astronaut X speed of astronaut
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