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Homework Help: Find Initial Velocity (With Wind Factored In)

  1. Feb 16, 2010 #1
    [Please Help!!!] Find Initial Velocity (With Wind Factored In)

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

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    I can't do it =\.

    Q: What equation would I use to find initial velocity? Given: Wind Speed, Wind Angle, Coordinates of Origin, Coordinates of End Point, (Distance), Projectile Mass, Theta (Angle to Use)

    Here's my repost from a previous topic:

    Hey Physics Forums. This is my first post here, and I'm just wondering about how to find what the initial velocity SHOULD be based on all the other information that I provide (it's for a program application I coded).

    Anyways, I have this right now (which is for no wind/0 wind):

    I am just wondering how I would go about factoring in the "wind" and wind's angle.

    Wind Angles:

    ^ 90
    < 180 > 0
    \/ 270

    As you can see, the wind angle starts at East 0 and increases counter-clockwise.

    Anyways, here's the formula:

    Velocity = Sqrt((Mass * (DifferenceInX^ 2)) / (2 * (DifferenceInX) * Sin(Theta* PI / 180) * Cos(Thtea * PI / 180) - (2 * (DifferenceInY)) * ((Cos(Theta* PI / 180) ^ 2))))

    Where Theta is the angle of the shot; Difference in X is the difference in coordinates X of the starting position and where you want the shot to end; and DifferenceInY is the difference in coordinates Y of the starting and ending position.

    Please help me out! Thanks.

    I don't take a Physics course yet, I'm enrolled in Algebra 2 at the moment, but am heavily interested in the Physics course of study, so please do help me out!

    I need an equation, like the one above, that will work in my computer program.
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    Also, the velocity remains constant; it doesn't change...
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    I don't know why my question hasn't been answered as of yet! This isn't homework, this is off-to-the-side-what-I-do work.

    I have no idea how to begin to make this all work. I've been looking for an answer for over 5 months!!!
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    I'll include a picture with equations for finding initial velocity in zero wind.

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    The final line is the line to find initial velocity in 0 wind.

    Velocity = Sqrt((Mass * (DifferenceInX^ 2)) / (2 * (DifferenceInX) * Sin(Theta* PI / 180) * Cos(Thtea * PI / 180) - (2 * (DifferenceInY)) * ((Cos(Theta* PI / 180) ^ 2))))
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